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Jamie 2 meses atras I honestly loved the episode when dany rides drogon into battle and we finally get to see a field of fire 2. IvyroseGullwhacker 2 meses atras This video is genius. Inject it into my veins, and type out the script to wear to a season 8 watch party. Their worse season is still better than most shows. Season 8 will be interesting to see if they can return to better days of fandom. Now that the chess board is all set up, the end game comes quick and feels rushed for some people. Let’s just hope the better directors in season 8 find a way to return to form. Buffy Scarlette 2 meses atras The problem was this - Too few episodes and too much plot to fill it. Brody Tuggle 2 meses atras i think davos has accepted that terion killing his son was just part of war Niall Kempson 2 meses atras Casterly Rock and Highgarden were utterly disappointing to see - especially Casterly Rock. From descriptions of it being an impregnable hollowed out mountain I was so pissed off to see it was just a very non-descript castle.


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On the one hand, I love the Marvel movies and a clever re imagining of a classic story or stories (like what Once Upon a Tim e has done with some of my favorite fairy tales when I was young) is a great thing. Plus who doesn’t love a good adaptation of a beloved novel or comic book or even video game into a movie or TV series. Since the success of 2003’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake (as opposed to 2013’s remake of the film), there have been a slew of horror remakes, mainly slashers but quite a few others, and they have been showing up with increasing frequency). Only saw one episode before leaving for Germany, but wasn’t impressed by what I saw). There was also talk of a Hellraiser reboot, but there’s been no word in two years on that, so I’m going to say it’s been shelved. Like I said, they’re difficult to pull off, and they’re formulaic. Plus blood and gore is how they primarily scare you, and a lot of horror fans, including myself, find that distasteful. Slashers have produced some of the most iconic characters in horror and in cinema: Norman Bates, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers. Heck, Freddy Kreuger isso well-known that he’s made cameo appearances in movies parodying the 1980’s in one form or another. People love these characters as much as they’re scared of them, they love watching them in action and being terrified of them.


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It was a double-win for Stephen Cone's THE WISE KIDS. It won Outfest 2011 Grand Jury Award for Outstanding U. . Dramatic Feature Film as well as this year's Outfest 2011 Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Screenwriting. For a script that transports to a world with rare authenticity and plunges into the lives of a myriad of characters with surprising depth and compassion and never judges its characters. THE WISE KIDS is a moving film not only as a love letter to the community it depicts but as a universal portrayal of characters both coming of age and coming of middle age. Outfest believe this film represents American independent cinema at its best and marks the discovery of a filmmaker with a compelling cinematic voice. For her fierce and sensual portrayal of a young woman struggling to balance the tumultuous landscape of her sexuality in a world in flux around her, the Outfest 2011 Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film went to Nikohl Boosheri for her portrayal of Atafeh in CIRCUMSTANCE. Audience Award for Outstanding Dramatic Feature Film (sponsored by Relativity Media) went to 3, Directed by Tom Tykwer. The Outfest 2011 Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Documentary Short Film was awarded to THANK YOU FOR YOUR CALL, directed by Shawn Nee for its moving examination of one man's emotional journey through a complex and systematic issue of inequity that has affected many GLBTs.


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Find yourself some car-pooling buddies at Do not park in surrounding streets or roads, especially in any residential areas. Special event parking restrictions will be in place on surrounding roads and fines may be issued for illegal parking. The way it should be In this part of the world people enjoy having a beer after catching a wave, a band at the pub or just catching up with friends. As the local brewer, we brew beers for times like these. Today, the band s lineup includes founder Josh Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen, Michael Shuman, Dean Fertita and Jon Theodore. Having formed after the breakup of Homme s previous band, Kyuss, QOTSA have homed in on a uniquely powerful, riff-based sound. Instead of shying away from uncomfortable or painful subject matter, QOTSA faced it head-on. It meant that QOTSA emerged with not only their best work to date, but also one of the most ambitious, fully realised rock albums in recent memory. The group became renowned for their minimal yet ethereal sound. They brought a unique and captivating presence to stages around the world, including Splendour in the Grass, Bonaroo, Latitude and Lollapallooza.