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Think of the reunions that will be happening this season. Jon, Bran, and Arya last saw each other in S1E2, and Bran wasn’t even conscious for it. It’s Dragonstone (not just an exterior shot or a dungeon! . I had followed the spoilers so was expecting Dragonstone in the upcoming season but nice to have it out there now. Cersei is her usual frosty self, and Jon of House gives no fucks as Bex called him is ready to roll. Your enthusiasm for Kit Harington may surpass even my own. So looking forward to Cersei’s chaotic reign, Dany taking claiming the throne at the place of her birth, and Jon continuing to be the most beautiful cinnamon roll ever, too good for that world. The use of that slowed down, eerie version of Sit Down is brilliant. Only six weeks between premiere and the finale this year is crazy though. Normally we would be getting Thrones for 10 weeks starting this month. First April without GoT since the show started and it’ll be more than a year between the Season 6 finale and Season 7 premiere. Who knows how long we’ll have to wait for Season 8. It didn’t give us anything at all in all honesty, and the song choice was really lame.

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You don’t need a huge budget to create a fabulous custom look in your home with an accent wall. There are accent wall ideas no matter your taste or budget. Paint and wallpaper are the obvious choices, but there are other options. Let me offer a few. 1. Choose a wall that’s farthest from the room’s entrance to be the accent wall. You will find that you are drawn into the space. 2. Don’t go overboard. Limit yourself to one fantastic accent wall per floor. 3. Choose the right color. Choose a color because you love it, not because it’s currently trendy. ?

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Then they want to include a whole number of additional measures within the bill. It is always a contradiction when we are dealing with the other side. They have, again and again, praised, not only our government's initiatives, but our finance minister, who has brought forward these initiatives. When we look at what has resulted from the work that our government has done following the great recession, we know that there are over a million net new jobs that have been created as a result of the efforts of our government. Specifically, within that million jobs that have been created, over 90% of them are full-time jobs and 80% of those are in the private sector. Therefore, our government's initiatives to bring forward changes have freed up business to create jobs, to create opportunity. However, every job is meaningful because it impacts the person who has that job. Families, of course, are one of the most important building blocks of our communities. Having a job makes a world of difference, especially as we approach this Christmas time. To know that our employment rate keeps rising, that the unemployment rate keeps dropping, that more and more families have the necessary means to get what they need to have in order to support their families is great news. It is something that I wish the opposition would spend more time recognizing and spend more time giving credit for. Because I think that we, as parliamentarians, need to be concerned, first and foremost, about ensuring that families have jobs to ensure that families are supported in those mechanisms. This bill would go a great distance to continue that great effort. I think it is important to recognize that Canada's track record, when it comes to the economy and making these changes, did not just start yesterday.

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This time I'm using Portabello mushrooms with fresh pesto, tomatoes, and a quail egg on top. Take a page from crime scene investigators and get the proof you need. As always, you can find the pattern, free of charge, at Steve's blo. ore. Check out these simple tips for removing candle wax and it'll be history in no time. In this tutorial, Nick will show you how to use the plug-in called Flicker. Flicker is a fun add-on, although you may not use it often. They light a room, create atmosphere, smell nice and make awesome gifts. So, why not make your own homemade candles and save a little money. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an eco-friendly soy candle for a personalized present. A lovely mirrored acrylic heart with the couple’s first names, also in mirrored acrylic, is the center point. There's something very pleasing about making potassium nitrate at home in th. ore. This will give the rings more strength if you are doing a chain or a bracelet, and it won't break on thread.

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he shouted over his shoulder, picking up speed. “The smells! The traffic! We shot through a perfumed cloud of smoke from a cookfire. Bourdain swerved to avoid an oncoming truck, and almost hit a woman on a scooter with a bale of green vegetables balanced precariously on the back. Bourdain slowed down to ask a pedestrian for directions, and the man indicated that, to reach the Metropole Hotel, we should hang a left around Hoan Ki? Lake. But when we reached the lake—a tree-lined oasis with a tiny island in the center—Bourdain said, “Let’s go this way,” and turned right. Clutching my seat as we zoomed into another congested avenue, I realized that Bourdain had deliberately taken a wrong turn. The next morning, I met Bourdain in the lobby of the Metropole, and we drove to the outskirts of the city. He can hit the ground anywhere in the world, from Kathmandu to Kiev, and find a gym where people train in Brazilian jujitsu. “Everywhere you go, the etiquette is the same,” he said. “We bump fists, then we try to kill each other for five minutes. One conspicuous hazard of being Anthony Bourdain is that everywhere he goes, from a Michelin-starred temple to a peasant hut on the tundra, he is mercilessly inundated with food.


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Then it's a trip back into cinema history with the blu-ray review of The 25th Anniversary of The Princess Bride ( courtesy of Fox Home Video ) as this movie gets it's HD debut with new extras in tow. Then it's back to 1959 Miami with the blu-ray review of Starz's Magic City Season 1 ( courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment) starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a man that fights for his dream to make it big on the sunny shores. Then a trip to an old cabin in the woods is filled with terror with the blu-ray review of WWE Studio's Barricade ( courtesy of eOne Entertainment ) starring Eric McCormack. We take a road trip with a Canadian legendary rocker with the dvd review of Neil Young: Journeys ( courtesy of Sony Home Video ) that is directed by Jonathan Demme. First up it's another entry inot the month of horror review with the blu-ray of Excision ( courtesy of Anchor BayEntertainment). Then it's time to catch up with the Dunohy and Pritchett clans for the blu-ray review of the Emmy Award Winning Modern Family Season 3 ( courtesy of Fox HOme Video). We cross the pond and discover more mysteries with the UCOCSgang with the dvd review of New Tricks Season 8 ( courtesy of eOne Entertainment ). Evil comes in many forms with the video game review Resident Evil 5: Operation Racoon City for the PS3 ( courtesy of Game Access ). First up it is the blu-ray review of Jeff Dunham: Minding The Monsters ( courtesy of Paramount Home Video ) as the mast ventrilquist brings out the creatures to play. The we catch up with the self-proclammed best in the world for the 2-disc blu-ray review of WWE's CM Punk: Best in The World (courtesy of eOne Entertainment) as we explore the world of the WWE Champion. Then for my horror video of the show it's the blu-ray review of The Victim ( courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment ) starring Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc in this grindhouse style thriller. It's then time to catch with with the ladies from the Women's Murder Club with the audio book review of 10th Anniversary by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. First up its a trip back to 1989 with the retro blu-ray review of Stephen King's Pet Sematary ( courtesy of Paramount Home Video ) aas we discover that sometimes dead is better. Then a family moves into a house with some possession issues with the blu-ray review of FX's American Horror Story: The Complete First Season (courtesy of Fox Home Video) starring Jessica Lange.