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Totally coincidentally, TCM devoted part of two days to her earlier this week, but that did me no good because the apartment I’m subletting doesn’t have cable. Still, the only film they showed that I regret not being able to see was Frank Borzage’s Stranded. These YouTube clips are all I’ve seen of either of Francis’ Borzage movies; by the looks of it, Living on Velvet has more of Kay as I like her. Dan Callahan and Farren Nehme Smith have seen far more of Francis’ films than I have, and their writings on her are an invaluable guide to separating Francis’ wheat from her chaff. After that, I’m going to take a couple of weeks off, and then come back in mid-to-late August with new episodes, and (hopefully) a slightly revamped website. If you have any requests or suggests, that’s what Twitter is for. In this second installment of our ongoing series, The Many Loves of Howard Hughes, we explore the life, loves and work of Ida Lupino. Hughes dated Lupino when she was a teenage starlet; nearly 20 years later, after Lupino had become the only working female feature director in 1940s Hollywood, Hughes signed his ex-girlfriend’s production company to a deal at RKO. Hughes supported Lupino as a director, but also helped to kill off her second marriage. We’ll explore how Ida’s relationship with Hughes, and other men in her life, alternately enhanced her career and complicated it. Also: haunted houses, HUAC, The Twilight Zone, post-traumatic stress, polio, more shitty pettiness from Harry Cohn, more high-minded anti-Hollywood talk from Robert Rossellini, and much more. Show notes! This week’s episode is quite dense with information, and I don’t have much to add. My primary sources were Ida Lupino: A Biography by William Donati; Howard Hughes: The Untold Story by Peter Harry Brown; and the Senses of Cinema profile of Lupino by Wheeler Winston Dixon. The photographs that inspired the storyline are above. I used clips from this episode of The Twilight Zone, and Robert Aldrich’s The Big Knife. Nice blurbs are nice, but it’s nicer that all of y’all are downloading the podcast and, apparently, enjoying it.

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4k 00:10 The white and black border pole of Narva Estonia and Russia found on the ground outside the big castle hd 00:18 SLOW MOTION, UNDERWATER, CLOSE UP: Energetic dog with black coat and cute white paws swimming in refreshing stream. Frisky puppy swimming around and playing in shallow river on a sunny spring day. Multicam split screen group video wall collage montage. 4k 00:15 Photographic film. background. Instagram retro vintage picture hd 00:27 Slowly revolving white rose flower with black background hd 00:08 white background with a brush paint over with black paint. Seamless looping background. 4K 4k 00:05 Animation grunge - brush stroke. Animation of a vintage motion graphic with black and white grunge distressed frame texture 4k 00:20 SLOW MOTION, POV: Energetic dog rips apart an orange rubber frisbee during playtime with owner. Playful border collie pulls on toy while having fun outside. Cute puppy and owner enjoying in summer. 4k 00:12 SLOW MOTION, LENS FLARE, POV: Adorable young dog plays with owner and a destroyed toy in the sunny countryside. Playful border collie puppy tugging on a shredded frisbee during playtime in nature. 4k 00:24 Super slow motion of pouring red and white wine from bottle into goblet. Shot on high speed cinema camera with 1000fps 4K resolution. 4k 00:16 Funny pastel pink or rose gold confetti explosion and fall down. Green screen animation footage.

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Learn More Colosseum 936 Tours and Activities The world’s famous Colosseum was built in 80 AD for the Roman emperors to stage fight to-the-death gladiator battles and hunt and kill wild animals, whilst members of the general public watched the violent spectaculars. Entry was free, although you were seated according to your social rank and wealth. Gladiatorial games were banned in 438 AD; the wild beast hunting continued until 523. The Colosseum is amazing for its complex and advanced architecture and building technique. Despite being used as a quarry for building materials at various points in history, it is still largely intact. You can see the tiered seating, corridors and the underground rooms where the animals and gladiators awaited their fate. Today the Colosseum has set the model for all modern-day stadiums, the only difference being today's teams survive their games. Learn More Machu Picchu 263 Tours and Activities The holy grail for lovers of Inca monuments, the enigmatic lost city of Machu Picchu is the most famous archaeological site in all of South America. The spectacular collection of temples, terraced hills and plazas was the mountain-top citadel of the Inca under Pachacutec and Tupac Yupanqui, until the coming of the Europeans with Pizarro. It may have the most familiar name, but Machu Picchu has refused to reveal many of its mysteries, including the secrets of its construction, function and demise. The overgrown ruins were discovered by US historian Hiram Bingham in 1911, and the quality of the stonework hints that it was an extremely important ceremonial site. The remains are thought to date from around 1450, built at the height of the Inca Empire, and as they escaped being plundered by the Spanish they include semi-intact icons and shrines that were defaced or removed at other sites. Timothy Baxter, M. . a Jon Matsumura, M. . b John Curci, M.

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Help myself and other mods police this and report as necessary. Myself and other mods will likely be updating the OP as necessary to keep it both up to date and for any pertinent info that needs to be added or removed. I'd assume anyone watching season 7 watched the previous 6 seasons. I'd assume anyone watching season 7 watched the previous 6 seasons Click to expand. In any case, people should not be assholes and post what they think would be spoilers for this new season in this thread. I'm watching the reruns right now, just saw the scene where one of the Sand Snakes kills Areo Hotah with a tiny dagger in the back lol what a waste of a cool character. I'm hoping that ending it at season 8 will allow them to keep it at a high level without dragging it on. Season 6 was way better than 5 but still not as good as 1-4. The last few years my housemate just downloaded them for me and we watched them together. I'm watching the reruns right now, just saw the scene where one of the Sand Snakes kills Areo Hotah with a tiny dagger in the back lol what a waste of a cool character Click to expand. This thread is not for discussing illegal streams and sources. This thread is not for discussing illegal streams and sources Click to expand. From the UK. This sucks. Gotta wait to monday evening most likely. Then again, this is an odd number season. 1 Ned 3 Red Wedding 5 Jon 7.

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\”Obviously, if something\u0027s downloaded into the privacy of one\u0027s canada goose outlet online uk own home, it doesn\u0027t have that kind of impact on the community. I can accept that. But cultural events are conversations that continue for years between media, between friends. The canada goose outlet store uk Poco F1 supports themes, which lets you change the way the phone looks, right down to the icon pack. The Settings app is unchanged from what we’ve seen with MIUI before, and just like with other Xiaomi phones, we sometimes had to use the search function to get to the setting we were looking for. You also get other MIUI features including Dual Apps which lets you run two instances of supported apps such as WhatsApp, and Second Space which lets you create a separate user profile. I a canada goose outlet canada lone voice calling out in the wilderness about a time in the distant past canada goose outlet uk when people weren herded into passive acceptance of having coffee canada goose outlet new york city the way Starbucks wants you to have coffee. hile I at it, how about when someone says can speak to that where represents a subject canada goose outlet store rather than actual persons who may have the ability to listen when you speak to them. We don have to follow hoi phalloi (to borrow a recent coinage, I believe thanks to Diana and Ant). will always say it as because that seems right to me, because it how I learned it, and it was the original pronunciation canada goose factory sale. These next gen video cards support the latest DirectX 11 API and expand upon the previous generation architecture by upping the ante in gaming performance. Making no excuses that this generation was geared to play games well, AMD has delivered the best performance we have seen yet in a video card series. As we evaluated, this video canada goose jacket uk card delivers the best performance in its price range currently. It allowed us to run at very high graphical quality settings in all our games and supplied a fully enjoyable gaming experience. Not only can it game well, but it can also push three displays in an Eyefinity display group quite well allowing for very high resolution gaming while dramatically improving gameplay immersion. All AMD has done is to disable some streaming processor units and texture units. However, most uniquely, the Radeon HD 5850 retains the same 32 ROPs found in the ATI Radeon HD 5870.

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Who really wants to lose lots of cash on the printer when you can get a reasonably cheap printer that may print all which you need for the large amount less. Now there is an amount involved here nevertheless it doesn’t have to be hundreds or thousands. The bad thing about these materials is because they wind up in a landfill in the event the building is every disassembled. Clients and developers can use it to specify the mandatory environmental performance of a building in a way that is widely understood with the construction team. However, what happens if you undertake are able and you’ve obtained a parcel and you are prepared to get started. Probably the most famous restaurants start using these makers for deserts it mat be to the streets of Belgium. If you have young kids, for instance, you might begin to see the benefit in enabling to project finished in as quick a moment as possible to help you go back in to the kitchen and start cooking them some decent meals again. Does building a well-established blog such as youjrs require a lot of work. I’m completely new tto running a blog but I do write in my diary everyday. I’d like to start a blog so I will be able to share myy experience and tuoughts online. lease let me know if you have any kind of suggestions or tiips foor new aspiring bloggers. However want to remark on some normal things, Thee site style is perfect, thee articles is in poiknt of fact greaat: D. Men with minimal gynecomastia should go back to vigorous physical activity about a fortnight postoperatively, while those undergoing more extensive procedures are needed to wait up to four weeks. I just stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to assert tyat I acfquire actually enjoyed account your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to youur augment and even I achievement you access consistently quickly. Instead you can attempt chatting accept the individual and acquire vibe of a real time conversation. I may sound like speaking personally to maried people, but this is often relevant to everyone.

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Plot - Two friends are working in a hotel during it's final weekend before closing its doors forever. However, paranormal activty becomes more frequent and it's up to the two workers to capture something while the hotel is still open. 1 point. Characters - Claire and Luke are two hotel workers and amateur ghost hunters who decide to document the hotel in its final days. They're both pretty good characters with Luke being both a joker and a serious ghost hunter and Claire being likable and somewhat relatable, especially in one scene where she has a mini freak-out about meeting her idol. XD. Leanne Rease-Jones is an actress turned medium who stays in the hotel and warns the workers about the spirits. She's O. as a characters but I couldn't remember much about her aside from her doing some psychic stuff and being rude to Claire. Side characters like the ghost Magdalene O'Malley and the old man help add different, if vague, personalities to the film. Acting - The acting is pretty good with Sara Paxton giving a good performance as Claire. 1 point. Visuals - The design for the hotel, with it's multiple rooms and old decor, gives it a great ageing and somewhat unsettling feeling. Some of the scares feel quite cheap as they're mostly jumpscares but the designs for the ghosts and the gore effects are pretty well done. Ending - The ending is kinda unexpected but works well as the hotel closes it's doors with a few more spirits trapped inside. 1 point. Featuring the wonderful Eve Gordon and Reid McGowan - very wonderful performers at The Dust Palace.


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inmArabe, Paris, 19761979 (12 issues). inmathque Afrique (catalogue). Paris: ADPF, 2004. crans dAfrique. Milan: COE, 19921999 (24 issues). estival Cinema Africano (catalogues). Milan: COE, from 1991. estival du fi lm arabe (catalogues). Paris: LAssociation pour le fi lm arabe, 19831985. estival National du Film Marocain (catalogues). Rabat: CCM, from 1982. mages Nord- Sud. Paris: ATM, from 1988 (68 issues). nternational Film Guide. London, annually 1964 2006. es Deux crans. Algiers, from 1978.

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Marcello Mastroiannt, Annie Girardot—5166 ( 5-13-64)—'Well made drama—Italian-made; English. MEDITERRANEAN HOLIDAY—TRAV-I28m. (CS; TC)—Narration by Burl Ives—5221 (10-21-64)—Excellent travelogue. ADVENTURES OF SCARAMOUCHE, THE—MD-98m. (C) —Gerard Barray, Glanna Marta Canale—5233 (12-3-64)—Okay. MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE—D-I02m. (EC)—Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastrolanni—5241 (I2-30-G4)—Interesting Import with. ONLY ONE NEW YORK—DOC. 75m. Narrated by Norman Rose—5218 (10-7-44)—Absorbing, well-made documentary. PASSIONATE THIEF, THE—C-I00m. Anna Magnani. Ben Gazzare. Toto—5210 (9-2-44)—Offbeat comic import is fun for art. SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS—FAN—80m. (EC)—Leonard Hicks, John Call—5230 (11-18-44)—Cute seasonal. THREE PENNY OPERA—MU-83m.