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41, actor was killed stock company in Chito Mrs. Ford, who sold it in 1929 to ago with a in a London air raid recently. Originally a- bank clerk, he turned with A celebrated actress in Recon- a turn with Tom Swift,, also the stage, touring with 'Chu Chin Act, a comedy to struction days, Mrs. Ford had ap- the stock troupe. Chow' and D'Oyly Carte Opera peared with Edwin Booth. Edwin singing and talking routine, toured Company, Of recent years he had Forrest, Joseph Jefferson and Dion the vaude houses for ISjrears. As of Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, arid, his death he played in 'Cottage to Gracie a singer she was the first actress to more recently, Al Pearce. She appeared on Captain E. D. C. Heme,' 51, radio many recent benefits with Benny, American debut. HAMMOND with Minnie Maddern Fiske and the late Bertha Kalich, died June 5 at the Lenox Hill hospital. More recently he had played In 'Miss Swan Expects' at the Cort theatre, N. Y. two seasons ago. ALFRED 'TUBBY'rrUBNEB theatrical personalities. Cook turned to producing and had a hand in such productions as 'Remnant,' with Florence Nashi and divers Alfred 'Tubby' Turner, 70, died in 12 after a lengthy ill- London May ness.

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Part of the first post-Communism generation, she developed a passion for politics and international relations. In 2010, she graduated from Altai State University in Barnaul with master’s degrees in political science and education. After running unsuccessfully for a position in the local government, she opened a small chain of furniture stores. Hoping to expand her business, she moved to Moscow in August 2011, at the age of 22, but quickly realized that the commercial competition in the capital was too great for her to succeed. Instead, she turned back to political activism and the issue of gun rights. hoto courtesy of Maria Butina Gun ownership in Russia is highly restricted. Soon after arriving in Moscow, she placed a notice on the internet asking anyone in the city interested in supporting the legalization of weapons to meet at a local restaurant. “A lot of people showed up,” she said. “This is how the whole movement started. As the organization grew, they chose a name, the Right to Bear Arms, and began to hold regular meetings. By 2014, they had collected 100,000 signatures in support of legislation that would grant citizens the right to defend themselves and their property using deadly force. he group itself was consciously modeled after the NRA. “It was created as the Russian version of the NRA, and we wanted to have as much NRA involvement as possible,” said a former member, who asked that his name not be used because of fear of retaliation in Russia. But unlike the NRA, which has become closely aligned with the conservative movement in the United States, Butina’s group sought support from across the political spectrum. “I’m an advocate for gun rights,” Butina said. “For me it didn’t matter, I talk to left or right, in government or oppositional. I had a slogan written on the door of my office that anyone who supports gun rights may come in, but you leave your flag behind.

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initiated by a puzzled Americanreader, revealed that the concept of a draught-excluderis one of those things only British readers are familiarwith. Many English houses, especially older ones, havedoors with a gap at the bottom, which will allow colddraughts into the room. To solve this, rather than simpleexpedients such as making doors that fit, the Englishinstead place a cylindrical stuffed object (often shapedamusingly like a snake with felt eyes and tongue, for thetackily inclined) along the bottom of the door to keep outthe draughts. This paragraph is a very loose parody of a famousSocratic dialogue in Platos Republic, Book VII. The (true) story goes that British Rail was havingdifficulty one winter getting trains to run on time, whichthey blamed on the snow. They were then quizzed as to 60 DISCWORLD ANNOTATIONS APF v9. , August 2004 why their snow-ploughs couldnt deal with the problem. hey replied that it was the wrong sort of snow, aphrase that has now entered the English idiom. In defence of British Rail it should be pointed out thattheir remark wasnt as silly as it seems at first sight: whathappened was that fine, dry, powdery snow blew insidethe traction motor cooling slots and, melting, caused themotors to arc over. I maybe some time. Brutha here repeats the last words of Captain Oates, whowalked out in a blizzard on Scotts unsuccessful Antarcticexpedition, in order to try and save food for the remainingexpedition members. Resonates with the B. . comic strip, which occasionallyfeatures a bird of indeterminate species standing on aturtles shell. I think I could do something with apair of revolving balls. Urns steam engines are more or less identical to theones that were described by Archimedes and used inancient Ephebe I mean Greece. These engines alsoused copper spheres as heating vessels, and thesespheres did, in fact, have a regrettable tendency toexplode, which is what limited their use until some brightperson thought of adding overpressure relief valves.

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A southpaw will always have more experience fighting an orthodox than the other way around. I've always noticed that it's sort of advantageous for one-handed and two-handed sword fighting and especially in dagger fights, but it's a nightmare as soon as shields are involved. Since yours and your opponents shields are on the same side, they are basically useless. In 1v1 combat you use your shield to create openings in the opponents defense, but when you're left-handed the classic techniques don't work. I've found that stabbing is the most effective in this scenario, but it was often not allowed due to safety concerns. There blade is against your open side rather then your shield. Granted from the outside looking in this seem fair because the righties have the same advantage. But a right has no practice against this but a lefties every fight is like this so they have a large upper hand in combat. This is coming from my personal experience in the SCA. Maisie Williams is not, so she asked the director how she should hold the sword, and he told her to do whatever she wanted, because it doesn't matter (! . But Maisie Williams joked that the fans in the forums would never forgive her if she didn't depict her accurately, so she actually learned how to sword-fight with her non-dominant hand. As someone who can't even hold a spoon with his left hand, I find this amazing. The whole premise was because it usually would throw the opponent through a loop, and they would have to adjust to it, and it was to help balance you out. You are skinny as the shaft of a spear, do you know. But when learning the actual skills you are at a bit of a disadvantage because a lot of source material was based off of right handed warriors. Most people are right handed so everyone has more training against right handed fighters.

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The filming of the first “season” will be done earlier, so the post-production won’t have as many episodes to work on. Which is good because they’ll have a lot more work to do on each episode. They have to be breaking down the season(s) and starting to write these episodes now. There’s no way they haven’t already at least broken down the episodes by now. They have to start filming in a few months at the most. But yes, there will be fat to trim, they just don’t know it yet. And getting right to the point where they can look after themselves. ? Well maybe if you had fired up dos and opened up wordstar more often your, child wouldn’t be calling sombody else dad right now. We could see the whole family album instead of a few pic’s on Snapchat. Speaking as sombody that has been waiting since 96. And is yet to see the story progress past secondary school or for you Americans highschool. Letalone college. All I can say is you better keep the child support payments up and on time. Aegon was only introduced in the last book, and there is zero animosity or history between him and Dany. The White Walkers have been present since the prologue of the first book and have been built up to be the main antagonist. I’ll be surprised if the White Walker storyline isn’t the more important plot.

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The irony is that those brands will look to social media to gauge their audiences' reaction. They'll ask their interns about what Twitter had to say. Their PR firms will be watching the Google Alerts roll in. In that case, consider spending two minutes at donothingfor2minutes. om. It seems to be as much about taunting you for your inability to leave your mouse and keyboard alone for two minutes as it is about encouraging relaxation and meditation. If you achieve the modest goal they set forth you are met with some marketing. If you'd like to know if we launch something, pop in your email below. But do we really need the same tool for every objective. Tech conferences, including Demo and Finovate, have banned boring slide shows in favor of short, fast-paced product demos. The 330-pound R2 has a torso with a head, two arms, two dexterous humanlike hands complete with four fingers and one thumb each, and its own Twitter account. When it's not sending tweets or pondering football stats, it's learning skills that eventually will be uploaded to its twin, which is already packed in special casing aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. Once inside the ISS' Destiny orbiting laboratory, the robot will be tested by engineers to see how it operates in microgravity and the station's radiation and electromagnetic interference environments. I was not as much on the look-out for the latest whiz-bang technological innovations, as I was interested in where small-scale entrepreneurs were putting their energy. Where are people are going with this whole iThing. Bonus points for not having an “i” in their product name. Of all the wonders that the iPad has unleashed, it possible that one of them is an altogether new way to sit.