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Average Concession Margins, 2000-2011 86. % 86. % 86. % 86. % 86. % 87. % 87. % 86. % 86. % Recessionary Period 85. % 84.

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It is a try to look at photography as an increasingly connected process and the implications which arise from that. It no longer ends with pasting putting prints into an album. Instead, making them public through services like Flickr is rapidly becoming one of the main ways how we treat our visual memories. The photographic process extends from preserving a moment to an act of telecommunication, with numerous implications on how we perceive reality, how we make our memories and how we create a narrative from it. Cameras always have been recorders for their contexts, essentially equipped with a light sensor to capture a visual representation and a pressure sensor for the person who decides which moment will be saved ? the button. Furthermore, digital photos come with a great amount of data attached to them as so-called EXIF-tags. These include a multitude of precise information about technical aspects of the shot, the make of the camera, how it was held and when the image was taken. For every of my photos that I myself have a memory of and an emotional connection to, I can see someone else's moment. I can see what happened in another part of the world while I was doing what I remember when I see it. In that sense, cameras become networked buttons that create a link between two people through the simple fact that they did the same thing simultaneously: press a button.

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The way Tyrion blinks a little in shock is hilarious. Changed line(s) 1898 (click to see context) from: ''You pull your bow string? nd shoot me''\\ to: ''You pull your bow string? nd string. They are both completely deadpan during this exchange. Changed line(s) 289,290 (click to see context) from: '''Tyrion''': As has Jamie repeatedly, according to Stannis Baratheon. Other cousins whose names Jamie Jaime can't remember. Do you spend a lot of time wondering what's between my legs? \\ ''Petyr:'' I picture a gash like a woman's. Do you spend a lot of time wondering what's between my legs? \\ ''Petyr:'' '''Petyr:''' I picture a gash like a woman's.

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Vivian is smart, competent, kicks ass and takes names. Marco’s cute, sure, but he’s helpful to a fault and she doesn’t need some guy telling her how to do her job. As they hop back and forth across the Atlantic, the romance of European cities works its magic. But if there’s any hope of their budding attraction taking off, she’ll need to let go and he’ll need to let her in. Content Warning: This book contains a scene of sexual harassment. Summer is in full swing and that is the busy season for my Etsy store. On top of that, I am installing a wood fence in my back yard and I am finishing my basement. Needless to say, I will be busy and video releases will slow down for a bit. I will film projects when I can, but at the moment, the priority will be on completing projects, not filming them. Thanks for all the support and I will get some great content out to you guys soon. Now you can see the steps I took to restore the saw to its former glory.

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This is due to the fact a new research on Search engine marketing returns for a interval of 12 months reveals that at minimum all the players experienced something to consider property. Even so, the returns are varying depending on a players’ hardwork and capabilities in the industry. It beats logic for one to count on a substantial group to get lower amounts of returns and vice versa. In addition, the existence of element time SEOs as nicely as the entry of rookies into the industry could have enable to the very low prices of turnover due to small operation capacity. Nevertheless, it is hard to predict the class the Website positioning industry is probable to acquire owing to absence of crystal clear shift in Search engine optimisation earnings given that the year 2011. Nevertheless, the desire for nearby Search engine optimization products and services would seem to be escalating day in day out and this is attracting more gamers thereby tightening the competition between Seo assistance providers. This variation in income per shopper can be attributed to the type of products and services provided as properly as the depth of providers. The dimensions of small business a shopper is trying to get Search engine marketing solutions for also participate in a purpose in determining the quantity to be billed. For example, modest organizations are charged a lot less basically since their demands are a lot scaled-down as as opposed to huge multi-spot franchise enterprises. Such SEOs offer very simple Search engine marketing providers at extremely minimal month to month charges. This kind of big figures of customers to tackle lead to more audits to be done, lots of duties, investigation, reports and even far more phone calls from the customers to be attended to.

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Not all of us want THE GODFATHER or GONE WITH THE WIND. Rather pointless. If cheesy horror is your bag, check this out. I would tell you something about what happens, but if you take a split-second glance at the cover image, you basically have it. Read more I got turned onto this movie by the pretty awesome Babysitter Massacre, which was basically a love letter to SHM II. That movie and this one present two relatively clever and well made highlights in what has got to be the dumbest sub-genre of movies this side of films about girls in prison. Better then the first but not by much A group of collage girls buy an old house to use as a Sorority House, once there they hear a story about a guy who hacked his family to pieces at that same house years ago. The girls find a ouija bourd and deside to use it to call the spirit of the. Overall SHM2 is nothing to special, it's a little slow and predictable but who cares, it's still better then SHM1 Not all cult hits are good. ovie was born. The plot behind this is that there is a group of college girls, who are purchasing a new sorority house.