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In all fairness, Rings, the long awaited sequel in The Ring franchise was pushed back from its original October 28th release date. With this, only two horror films saw wide releases this October: Rob Zombie’s 31 and Ouija: Origin of Evil. With Origin of Evil, Flanagan directed and co-wrote the screenplay with Jeff Howard. It’s actually the second film of the Ouija series and is a prequel to the critically slammed 2014 film. Despite being a prequel, it’s not required that you see the original Ouija. This film can easily be followed without any prior knowledge of the series. Lina and Doris perform supernatural stunts while Alice maintains the showmanship. Lina sneaks out of the house one night and plays with a Ouija board with some of her friends. An angry mother catches them and Alice, although upset with Lina, decides to add a Ouija board to their business. Eventually, Doris uses the board alone and is overtaken by an evil spirit. It’s not like there haven’t been countless films about demonic possession over the years. However, such is the case with The Conjuring and its sequel, possession can still be done right. As far as Origin of Evil is concerned, it has some pretty good moments. The best thing that the film does is to keep the horror solely with Doris. Similarly to The Exorcist, the young girl becomes a physical threat due to the spirit inside. There aren’t multiple supernatural forces haunting the family, just the one vessel of evil. In Oculus, a brother and sister suffer through a family tragedy that you root for them to overcome. In Hush, a deaf woman is being needlessly terrorized by an unknown assailant. Again in Origin of Evil, a traumatized family become the victims of horror.

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No. ,'Let me start by saying that the performances are solid. For her first film, Lady Gaga did very well but I cant say she blew my mind. ut hey its her first film and I like her, so good for her. That being said, the film seems to be getting WAY overblown by people. The first act is really great and the chemistry between Gaga and Cooper is phenomenal but after that it sort of devolves into a melodrama. The character development of Coopers character is lacking. He is an alcoholic and we certainly see him drunk many times but I didnt see enough struggle to justify his character arc not was Coopers performance powerful enough to convey the devastating agony of addiction. The film then goes through a few cliches as we see Gagas character ascend to fame but again, we also dont see enough struggle from her character either. In all, the character conflicts are addressed but the film never fully dives into them in the way it certainly could have. I loved the first song of the film but the rest of the music was surprisingly bland and didnt captivate me at all. Lady Gaga obviously has an incredible voice and Cooper held his own surprisingly. We live in an era where even Ghostbusters is no longer sacred. Where you wouldnt be surprised if one of the large studios announced a remake of the Godfather or Citizen Kane. Those remakes might capture some audience members, but those films almost certainly dont capture the audiences hearts. They certainly dont take home any major awards. hat all changes with A Star is Born. hange, however, is a key word when it comes to remakes. In order to make the venture worthwhile, the film makers not only have to stay close to the ideas of original film, but they have to have a reason to retell the story.

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Classical old school Drone Ambient with psychedelic folk twists. The album was recorded in mono on tape during one night in smoke in one live take using only authentic re-patched Soviet analogue devices, string, percussion and wind instruments and electro-acoustic DIY stuff fed through mixing desks and analogue portastudios. The work represents the destructive aggression of the harsh reality against a beautiful tree and excellent grass that breathes and sounds in the recording. Here the project reaches the culmination of Drone Ambient, touching some more experimental, near-industrial and even sort of theatrical areas, forestalling the project's move into other directions. Petersburg-based experimental Drone Ambient project. Half an hour of raw analogue loops and noisy flight of imagination. So two guys who are also in Forza Albino and White Nigger, and separately in countless projects too. I have very distant recollection in being at rehearsal room of these guys, or apartment of Klaus, listening some session where they throw bunch of huge scrap metal around the hall. Tape noises, fed through the chain cassette-recorder-cassette over and over again, are getting distorted and saturated with the traces of equipment imperfections, the traces of careless handling of the material reveal aesthetic depth. To maximize the natural effects of the magnetic tape recordings we utilize chains of consequently connected devices of various purpose and feed the recording of tape noise through them. The project intentionally skips the description of technologic nuances, not to drag listener's attention from the aesthetic component of the given sonic field. We also don't use the art strategy of compositional and dramatic character - this program of recording can be used as a background for home activities, playing with children and just relaxation. Unlike the tiresome street noise it contains exclusively the artifacts of electro-magnetic oscillating process. Extracted from the depths of magnetic spattering, that noise which was fought against during the whole history of using magnetic tape as data storage media. Tape distortion noise, the very same that was earlier avoided, now it's put on the forefront and plays the leading role in this piece. Recording of two different ventilation systems of the premises was made on an old tape recorder with an age-old tape, so the result can be hardly used for identifying the type of fans, but more as a statement of monotonous mechanical air noise. Four pieces are full of non-interference in the technical process and yet they have a special romantic spirit, an unaffected atmosphere. Summer 2013, St. Petersburg, a walk in the yards of the Khrushchev-time buildings with a recorder and unprejudiced documenting of sonic flow.

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