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I found most of the pic’s and managed to edit, thank you for your kind help. See the troubleshooting steps for permissions above. No problem with the update process, but now Photoshop cannot start, sending the message: “cannot charge the module MMXcore because this version of photoshop is not OK”. Brought back from bachup check settings and like magic all worked. I know you had put a fix out for that in the 2. version, but I am still experiencing the crashes. Anything I can do to try and use the lighting effects without Photoshop crashing. A few days ago while working image was covered with a red grid, windows reported an error and close the program. Since then, it happens regularly and I can not work. Today, reinstall the program, but it did not solve the problem. They were all RAW files and i can see the before and after in lightroom 5 on my desktop but not my laptop.

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However, when newbie psychic Nick once again receives a mind-numbing premonition made up indistinguishable items, and the people Nick once saved start dying one by one in the most convoluted freak accidents, he begins to realize there is no stopping death, and he has come back to claim the escapees. Nick believes if he can stop one death, he can break the chain and the curse will be broken. Or will it? The frantic game of hide-and-seek continues with excruciating mediocrity. The franchise has never addressed the issue as to why the Grim Reaper would suddenly provide a sneak peak to his carnival of carnage intentions. Simply interested exclusively in the diversity of ways in which a human body can meet its end, the actors roles become less characters, more crash-test dummies. The high casualty rate imposes an economy of script scarcely saved by the 3D projection of hurtled projectile objects into the audience. The close-up action of intricately designed pile-ups and confusing coincidences in which bodies are impaled, dismembered, disemboweled, shattered, splattered, crushed and maimed in outlandish proportions provides no salvation. It may bring in the money but my question, who would want to put there name to it. The Verdict: Descending down the plughole of oblivion, The Final Destination deserves less than grudging admiration. Hammy acting, cheesy dialogue, dire performances, lackluster blood-splatter special effects and a gimmicky fetish for domino effects is obviously former stuntman-turned-director more scrambled than his characters Looney Tune inner logic.

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