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Ya pasti ganteng itu kan primus NGAWI GUNUNG ngamboro. 9 ? ? Demit ovie vie 9. Yang jadi atika siapa yaaa? ahahah Do'Aku UtkMu 9. Gini doang serem, belum juga conjuring, blum juga the nun, belum juga ouija Do'Aku UtkMu 9. Gini doang serem, gak pernah nonton ouija ya elu ya. Allah bukan tdk melihat, bahasa yg benar itu ialah Allah tdk (memandang) tak pandang bulu kecuali iman dan taqwa. Ht2 dlm menggunakan bahasa pak ustadz. Agar tdk mengundang kontroversi. Wassalam.


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He cautioned them and asked them to hasten the works in view of the rainy season and ever-increasing public inconvenience. He asked the authorities to work upon the whole plan before 20th September as sevice to the public should be the top priority on their working list. hile addressing the departmental officials, he said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committed to the development of the Nation and has worked very seriously and thoroughly on the projects like “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” in order to pave way for “New India”. He said that under the present regime of PM Modi, no public representative and department can imagine to rest without completion of assigned task of achieving the desired progress with in a set time frame. He also said that the BJP is working for the development of State keeping in view the long term consequences of every policy. While interacting with the officials, he gave a message to the general public, to not to throw solid waste in the drains, as they block the normal path of liquid flow, thus choking all the drain system of the locality. Vikram Randhawa, visited the office of the Regional Transport Officer, Jammu and reviewed its functioning. peaking on the occasion Randhawa said that the Bharatiya Janta Party and the Government of Jammu and Kashmir is committed to provide transparency in the administration and being MLC it is his primary duty to check whether the government offices are providing people friendly services or not. e interacted with various people who had come there to get their work done. He assured the public that there should be transparency in all the offices of the government. hile interacting with the RTO, Deep Raj, Randhawa stressed to not allow unauthorized agents in the office who are looting the gullible people and are bringing the bad name to the RTO office also. He said only authorized agents be allowed to visit the office that will bring transparency in the working.


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What’s here is a palpably constructive engagement with sound and an invigorating collaboration. The human spirit in all its contradictory and confused beauty. A work of maturity. As a whole, the album creates a mood rather than reveals the workings. Some may prefer that highly conservative approach, some may not. Thankfully O’Malley’s artwork is far more restrained than his usual covers. (HM). Partly, perhaps, because Oren is yet another of these artists whose work can be found bombarding us from any given direction and traversing almost any style of music within the more exploratory realms of it. Additionally a keen collaborator, he can be found delivering all from freeform noise and improv to more mannered and academic electroacoustic work and even material that wouldn’t sit uncomfortably amongst an indie group’s b-side foray into stranger places. A good and a bad thing, one might argue, but given this man’s own schooling, not entirely surprising and, indeed, what I have picked away at myself over the years has always, at the very least, been genuinely interesting. An absolutely incredible piece of music with guitars spitting out sawdust as jazzy percussion and deep rumbles threaten to overthrow your general wellbeing at any second. This is how all drone music should be, or at least ought to carry one to those desperately sought ecstatic heights.


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