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Its application is proven. A solar tracking timing program and control multiplies the collecting of condensed solar radiation through an optical optimization technique. Rusty Tidenberg Abq. - Machinist and friend who has helped from the beginning and has been a great help in teaching the trade of machining and has lent many a brain cell or two to the building and testing of some of these ideas. 2. Flash Automotive Abq. - Rear Wheel Dyno Testing for the auto projects, Courtney is also another good brain to kick a few thoughts around with. Many thanks on many levels. 6. Todd Budlong - Budlong Motors Abq. For his candor and critical eye. 9. Darrell Bonn, Engineer Cedar Crest - Help with Physics problems, Electrical problems and fun to work with in general thoughts on all these matters. 10. Ed Baragiola, Cedar Crest - Bike donation and supporter of these ideas and help in keeping my business and general thoughts a little more organized.

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A few jumped up brigands excited about their new power and weapons, and there you go. Because that way, I know I’m going to survive to walk the battlements of Winterfell. Someone that Davos would be in a LOT of trouble over if he stabbed her. Hmmm. Maybe head of the whole thing, maybe head of their training command. He has sufficient seniority to take on personal project in his spare time without his boss (if any) coming down on him for it. He has known for a long time that Arya will never be a Faceless Man. Maybe a more technically-competent-at-killing version of Arya. That was Jaqen H’gar, disguised as Arya. (I’m not sure how Jaqen gets to use Arya’s face while she is still alive, but we saw Arya see her own face on someone else during the scene (in S5) where she loses her sight, so I guess that is possible? . Like shooting someone in the gut and leaving them in the desert in an American western movie. Waif will probably be in big trouble when she gets back to the House of Black and White. I’m not sure what sort of explanation we will get for how Jaqen survives, or how he could have known that he would survive. It could have been theatre props (bladder full of animal blood?

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Betsy Kelly felt like any other girl saying goodbye to her husband. Service Dept. Ann Ward. Information Desk: Beverly Linet. POSTMASTER- Please send notice on form 3578 and copies returned under. Label Form 3579 to 149 Madison Avenue, New York 16, New York -. . A 48-hour pass. a lonely soldier. nd a girl in a million. It isn't very often that a magazine can lean back, light a stogie, put. As we say, it's not often, but it is done — and MODERN SCREEN. So since it'll probably be a few issues before you get to know him per-. He's ass't editor of METRONOME and jazz editor for ESQUIRE as. Home and Dinah Shore have used his original blues numbers and.

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It is more than just unscrupulous to make money from selling a product that allows people to engage in tax evasion, thereby skewing the playing fields for all businesses. If we ask our business people to play by the rules and they do so, then we have a duty to protect their interests from those who would lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead. We did this under the realization that small businesses drive growth in our economy and provide substantial amounts of employment across Canada. In a time of global economic uncertainty, we know that supporting small businesses is essential. The hiring credit provides financial relief, offsetting the costs of hiring a new employee for a small business. Despite the fact that Canada's economy is on track and improving steadily, we have to remain vigilant about market forces outside our control. It is for that reason that we intend to extend the hiring credit for small businesses again this year. This would include the use of electronic signatures, enabling secure online payment for the LMO process and eliminating the need to retain large amounts of paper. Streamlining the temporary foreign worker program would allow small and medium enterprises in Canada to hire workers more efficiently going forward. As I mentioned earlier, Canada's economy is on the right track. When they came to power we had a trade surplus, and now we have a trade deficit. Speaking of trade, this is the government and the party that has signed the most free trade agreements in this country. This is a government whose focus is negotiating and completing more trade agreements, because we believe that free trade agreements create jobs, bring employment to Canada, and make Canadians prosper. When the budget was released in the spring, it stated. We applaud the government for choosing to continue moving our communities forward even as it meets its immediate fiscal challenges.

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She doesn’t give up her quest, knowing that LF is absolutely not trustworthy. She’s out for revenge and nothing can stand in her way. I thought the introduction was a bit dull and focused to much on Ellaria rather than Doran and Myrcella (who we were wanting to see! . Jaime and Bronn go on a mission to bring Mycelia to KL. Seems fun! Tyrion’s scene was unnecessary; KL was boring this episode. The only good thing about the KL scenes was Kevan Lannister standing up against Cersei. Jon and Sansa seem to have a very interesting storyline (up to now). We take off where we left at episode 4: Tyrion’s kidnapping. Tyrion is thrown in a boat and Jorah accompagnies him. It’s safe to assume that he’s going to Queen Daenerys and not to Queen Cersei. Sailing in a small boat to King’s Landing would be absurd. Jaime’s also saillng, but in another direction, Dorne. I actually looked forward to this new place and it has disappointed me a lot.

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Christianity is already gone, we have a secular faith in compassion now, it’s Progressivism, not Christianity that has to go. Your tactic of shedding morality and going full-Darwinism (such is the consensus at Jim’s blog it seems) is naive. The weak hold the strong back, this is what is immoral. You really don’t shed morality anyway, you just smuggle in crypto-morality. Like I’ve told you before, “survival” begs the question of “why” survive. Why survive? It’s GOOD to survive, e. . There’s always morality, it’s an always-already, it’s one with the human condition, it will probably be one with the AI condition (the latter in some highly bizarre form). You said the other day philosophy is dead, physics lives in its place. Physics and Darwinism, and any “science” is only concerned with Is. Without an Ought there is no reason to e. . start up an ethnostate, without an Ought there is no reason to shove Sartres in lockers, etc. If you somehow infer and Ought from the Is of physics you’re dealing with morality, and if you infer an Ought from the Is of physics you’re not really dealing with physics proper anymore.

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Start listening to Confessional Podcast on your phone right now with Player FM's free mobile app, the best podcasting experience on both iPhone and Android. It's not all bad. It's not all good. It's got some sins, so we counted them up. Even classic horror films. This movie's so scary you might have forgotten some of the confusing and boring parts. When the youngest daughter is possessed by the spirit, the mother and eldest daughter need to face unimaginable fears in order to save her and send the spirit back to its realm. The cure: Dumb and Dumber To is now available to download to own. Read More. Plus: Watch the trailer for Academy Award-nominated Song of the Sea. Read More. The plot follows high school student Laine (British actress Olivia Cooke), whose childhood friend Debbie (Shelley Hennig) apparently hangs herself after playing with a “spirit board”. Naturally, a guilt-stricken Laine decides to check in with Debbie’s ghost using the very same board, and she ropes in a group of friends for a seance that puts them in touch with a supernatural force eager to divulge the ghastly history of the house in which Debbie died. However, The Ring enthralled largely on the strength of its exotic imagery and memorable (and relatively mature) heroine, played by Naomi Watts. Ouija ’s scares, by contrast, are as standard issue as its cast of interchangeable young victims.

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