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Barnett will be visiting retailers and radio in the next few months and will perform at Tower Nashville on the album's street date. In -store parties will be held on the street date in 15 stores nationwide. We are going to be emphasizing triple -A, rock, and college radio with the first single -triple -A because it is the most receptive to new artists, especially song -based artists, and the others because this is far from just some songwriter record. He is really great with artists making their first records. Wheel Caddy Sold Separately ALLEGRO We at Allegro know business is an art, just like music itself. Which is why we're as respected for our sales and marketing as we are known for our music. Creative marketing. Thoroughness and accessibility. IIAllegro sounds like the kind of name you want representing your name. Conference attendees will have a rare opportunity to hear the panelists' insights into the film and television music scoring process, as they explore the various options and solutions available when selecting music for specific projects. The audience will also be encouraged to participate in discussions with panelists as they share their experiences in situations ranging from budget dilemmas, technical and contractual issues, to the creative process itself. Moderators and Panelists confirmed at press time include: Robert J. Balancing Art and Commerce Experts share their experiences and offer creative- solutions to the variety of music 4:45-5:00 pm Closing Remarks Robert Dowling w 12:30-1:45 pm and budget dilemmas facing filmmakers. Date Signature L NO REFUNDS OPEN SEATING Limited to 500. Host Parking. For more information, call: (213) J 24 Newsmakers And the Nominees Are. Executives and performers meet to announce the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' 38th annual Grammy Award nominations. So Many Fans. Famed soprano Kathleen Battle chats with executives following a recent HMV in -store appearance. Shown seated, from left, are band members Michael Pritzl, Jason Pickersgill, Andy Prickett, and Jeff Schroeder.

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Be sure to give the corresponding letter of your response (absolutely crucial here! . Can you give the shared name in question from the clues. Give one name and be sure to give corresponding letter of your response. Ms. Parker who appeared in The Sound of Music, and one of the 3 ships boarded during the Boston Tea Party I. Ms. Lazarus, writer of poem we associate with the Statue of Liberty and the first name of heroine and title of a novel by Ms. Austen. From the clues, give the LAST NAME for TWO of the six. For this one, name ONE finished novel by: either one of the three Bronte sisters OR a novel by Laura Ingalls Wilder OR one by Thorton Wilder (19 possible responses) Extra credit (-2 points) No penalty for wrong answers for this one. Think of two gentlemen: their first and last names are the same, but one was a novelist and the other built a company on a foundation of stitches. TV show premieres for a new show or a new season causes captures audiences of all that have eagerly awaited them since throughout the summer. This question includes nine scenes pertaining to TV shows that are to play this upcoming fall season. Choose ONE answer by just giving the name of the TV show. If the image is too small, there is a link below the image to direct you to another page that shows a larger image of the question. BONUS. Name the real surname of the actor of your chosen answer for -3 points. NOTE: For the picture in the bottom right, just give the name of the man on the left. 2.


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From the “Catch the Throne Mixtape” presented by HBO. In what turned out to be a behemoth, two and a half hour extravaganza, they boys discuss the merits of mounted cavalry versus untrained foot soldiers, whether the tree cave was more LotRy or Fraggle Rocky, who had Arya’s best interests at heart, what’s worse; a punch to the nuts or a savage kick to the vagoo, and finally, just how Effed in the Bee is Westeros at the close of this season. Don’t forget, we come back next week for an epic season four wrap up cast. If you want to give us a shout out, or otherwise give us a piece of your mind, email us, check us out on Facebook, or Tweet us. If you want do directly support the podcasts we do, please check out our page on Subbable, and earn some cool rewards. As always, we appreciate any love you can give us on iTunes, and your patronage of our amazon affiliate link, amazon. aldmove. om. Remember, when you use our affiliate link, you get the same great prices, the same great shipping, you just send a little bit of love our way, courtesy of Amazon. We talk about expectations, Arya’s brush with humanity, the Hound digging graves, Jaime’s odds for redemption, tons of listener feedback, and much more. Thanks to all our fans and new listeners for making us one of the top podcasts in iTunes. As a reward, we’re offering 25% off our annual memberships to Club Bald Move. Just use promo code “got2017” during check out to access your savings. Special thanks also to Casper, who sponsored this podcast. All this and tons of feedback — AND — this is not over yet. We’ll be back Friday for the final SpoiLORE segment of the season, and next Tuesday for a season five wrap up, where we’ll talk about the season overall, how it stacks up against the previous four, and our hopes, fears, and predictions for next year. We discuss male member evasions, what the heck is going on with Missandei and Grey Worm, debate the Westerosi (and Essosian? politics of foreign wars and cultural tolerance, ponder where Sansa, Jaime, and Brienne are all going, Cersei’s prophecy, and the part Tyrion has to play in “The Wars to Come”. This, as well as your feedback, and some debate on fandom’s approach to deviations from accepted canon as well as the ethics and wisdom of binging on leaked episodes. They discuss Stone Men, the parallel structure of Jon and Dany’s “trust your gut” scenes, and they’re very different outcomes, our new found appreciation for Stannis the Mannis, and if that spells his doom, Roose’s far less heartwarming version of the classic Game of Thrones “you are my child” speech, and examine all the ways Winterfell is shaping up to be a battleground.


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It’s fitting that while the ragtag band of losers at the heart of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 learn this lesson, Paul and Arlo are relearning it. Militarized police. Fascist leadership. A Britain with closed borders. No, this isn’t our world circa 2017; it’s the 2027 of Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 sci-fi masterpiece Children of Men. Professional Grendel podcaster Chance Mazzia joins Paul and Arlo for their year-long exploration of Brian K. Of course, S-Town is no ordinary podcast; from the producers of This American Life and Serial, it's a coherent piece of documentary art unto itself. Reporter Brian Reed had little idea what he was getting himself. Artificial intelligence becoming real, seeing and hearing and controlling all you do. Your friends' flesh peeling back to reveal their true inhuman visage. The FX series, developed by Fargo's Noah Hawley and theoretically set in the X-Men universe, is unlike most. As Yorick Brown discovers he may not be the last man in the universe thanks to a space shuttle carrying two others, Paul and Arlo invite Kenn Edwards to join them on their year-long Four-Color Flashback discussion of. Among them: murder, betrayal, lies, infidelity, and how in the hell Tommy Wiseau made a movie. It's time for another Geek Challenge, and Arlo has seized the opportunity to finally force Paul. In Logan, the final film featuring Hugh Jackman in his. This time, the gang sets their sights on season 4, and. FOUR SECONDS AGO: Paul berates Arlo for not turning on his mic. THREE SECONDS AGO: Arlo rolls his eyes, turns on mic. TWO SECONDS AGO: Arlo loudly eats into the microphone.

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Go behind-the-scenes of The Impossible before picking up the Blu-ray and DVD next week. But the true-life terror is tempered by the unexpected displays of compassion, courage and simple kindness that Maria ( Naomi Watts ) and her family encounter during the darkest hours of their lives. Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona ( The Orphanage ) and based on the harrowing real-life experience of one family during the Indian Ocean tsunami, the film arrives on Blu-ray Disc (plus Digital Copy and Ultraviolet), DVD (plus Digital Copy and Ultraviolet), Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View April 23 from Summit Entertainment, a Lionsgate company. The Impossible will also be available on Est April 2, three weeks prior to the Blu-ray, DVD and Video on Demand release. Garnering Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Broadcast Film Critics Award and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for her powerful performance, Watts portrays Maria, a mother fighting to reunite her family after one of the largest disasters in recent history. What is it about the films of the French Elvis Presley that holds the answer to all life's woes. The other day I was feeling unusually melancholy, what with the economy in the tank and construction workers building evil McMansions next to my house. One of my friends suggested I watch a Hong Kong gangster movie called Vengeance. He said the film was completely insane and would take my mind off my troubles. Hallyday, ne Jean- Philippe Smet, is in fact Belgian. If they can deliver a few lines properly, that. just an added bonus. Randy Couture made the most out of his lines in The Expendables, as well as his time on The Unit, and in doing so, earned himself another shot. Yes, the Natural will be back for the sequel to The Expendables, but according to THR, he. also attracted the interest of another production. Casting has been well under way for awhile now on Mike Gunther. Set Up. with Ryan Philippe, Bruce Willis and 50 Cent having already boarded, but now they. O'Toole will play a former ballet star who strikes up a friendship with an orphan before tutoring her to stardom. The film will be principally set in Paris' Opera House where Geraldine Chaplin 's Marianne manages the ballet company.

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You’re a bright kid go fuck with some smarter people theres a ton of NRX ers that need a reality booster not having had one since they read ( moldberg) back in 08. Better yet go get rich and have some kids and raise them to be good little white supremacists. Your exposure capability is limited only to your insane self, with its rigidly religious, pseudo-genetics cobblings, genocidal mania, and overall, antisocial aggressions. You’re another Kelly Anne Conway, unable to back anything up on the page, so you go wandering off, droning on with your mostly unsupported, idiosyncratic rationalisations. Again and again, you show so much inability in elementary logic, it’s embarrassing, or would be to a sane and decent person. You, on the other hand, are a typical example of the worst elements that the USA produces. Unfortunately, there are others like you, and it’s beginning to look like, bye bye USA, good luck in your new career as the globe’s insane asylum. I was chuckling earlier today about the time you told Rohme he will get his teeth knocked in by the butt of a rifle in a gulag. Ahh, fun times. I’m beginning work on more Apollonian things now, I just don’t see a reason to terminate my filibuster here just yet. Rohme and Artxell are my foils, I’d rather have them than not (I really wish they’d be more creative but well you work with what you got). Nicole has effectively propped up NRx in Moldbug’s absence as the True Right in contrast to the alt-right, frogs, and fellow travelers. Until he blocks me I intend to uphold the real true right, which stands for thoroughgoing elitism; the fulfillment of the telos of elitism is esotericism so I usually stick with that. I don’t claim to be an aristocrat or even close to one but my genetic karma apparently leads my 3rd eye to know well enough that if you’re going to try to concoct a cyber-aristocracy the occult, alchemy, succubi, astral projection, et al. Land’s silence on these things is a testament to his populousness. Boots on the ground is probably a couple decades off if we’re lucky. If we went 1488 race war now we’d all be imprisoned swiftly, demonized, and raped for the rest of our lives. For now we need to concern ourselves with shepherding shepherds. Probably some kid Barron Trump’s age will be a Napoleon figure. We need to develop some type of Antiversity to train the young how to be intellectual shitlords, and those shitlords will guide more pragmatically-natured kids to be woke generals.

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But my father arrived first, the whole Lannister army at his back, promising to defend the city against the rebels. I transcribed it with the thought of editing it down to its pith, but it occurs to me that this moment is germane to this episode—not just because it calls back to that moment Bran sees in his vision, but because this episode is fairly explicitly about family and blood. “Blood of my Blood” is the title, which references the Dothraki bloodriders’ oath to their khal, and which Daenerys invokes in the episode’s final scene. Or is that just me? , we segue from the white north to the green south, and catch up with Sam and Gilly. He’s bouncing little Samwell on his lap as he talks incessantly about the kinds of trees that grow around his home, what they look like in summer, what the colours look like in the autumn, and Gilly gleans right away that he’s nervous as hell, hence the jabbering. The last he saw of his family, he was being banished to the Night’s Watch as a convenient way for his father, Randyll, to be rid of him. His father, a military man, gave him a choice: go to the Night’s Watch or be put to death. The reason? Because Sam was overweight and loved books, rather than being the muscular military man that his father wanted him to be. There was no way Randyll was going to allow Sam to be his heir, but he couldn’t skip him and give it to his other children, because Sam was the eldest. Banish him to the Night’s Watch, et voila: Sam divests himself of the Tarly name and any claims he has to the household. But as they approach the ENORMOUS castle (like, seriously, did anyone else gasp aloud and scream some obscenity about the freakin’ city that is their home? Sam makes a deal with Gilly: little Sam is his son, and Gilly is most certainly not a wildling. Little Sam will get a good education, and Gilly will have a place to stay while Sam travels to Oldtown to become a Maester. His little sister Talia is also standing there, immediately complaining about the fact that she’s going to be married off to some horrible man that she hates, before her mother lovingly shushes her. Melessa addresses Gilly as if she’s wearing a royal gown — not the animal skin she has thrown over her — and welcomes her and little Sam into the castle. Melessa is that rare character in Game of Thrones who seems to be nothing but goodness. How she ended up with Randyll is utterly baffling. Talia complaining about her impending arranged marriage is still echoing in our heads as we move to King’s Landing.