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It's as bad as people made it out to be, maybe slightly worse. Didn't even have the decency to be so bad it's good. I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do. Did it in 3 installments really fucking high, but I got through it. It was like eating brussle sprouts when i was a boy. There were other movies that I might have been interested in seeing if they'd been done right, but I saw none of them because I heard they weren't done right. Suicide Squad should have been edited by somebody competent. But if my kid ever got the wrong impression about reality from this movie, I would show him those fucked up nature documentaries where the lion rips the gullet out of the gazelle. That movie was so fucking bad it made me nostalgic for Warcraft and Feminist Ghostbusters. Say what you want about Ghostbusters but I'll take it over that tripe. Captain America Civil War also awful but in a different way. X-Men Apocalypse fucking awful, in a laughable way. Apologies pre-emptively for being so terse in my opinions, like it matters on the serious as fuck internets. Of course, I kind of expected it to be a let-down, but I hoped it wouldn't be. What I'm seeing here confirms that it was a good decision. Learn More I AGREE 0% ? 10% ? 20% ?

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I consider this important because it acknowledges that the developing Premise is best recognized by the people who play the protagonists. It might actually be a bit better for introducing Simulationist-by-habit players to Narrativist play, as they can start with sketchy characters and grow into addressing a pretty-well-defined Premise over time. From HeroQuest (Issaries Inc, 2003, primary text author is Greg Stafford). All heroes are extraordinary and destined for some fame in the world of Glorantha. This is guaranteed, since they are individually guided by a higher power: you, the player. Such events are not only for the super-powerful; they require the participation of your hero at whatever level of power he has achieved. Drama in Glorantha often comes from the conflict between what is and what ought to be. Living up to expectations of cult behavior, for instance, is meant to be difficult and limiting. On the one hand, they are throwing old alliances into question, tearing established communities apart, and raising new dilemmas for leaders and led alike. But they are also creating new and unexpected communities, as rivals are forced into partnership by new threats or novel opportunities. A character may begin as just another goat-herder, but he isn't going to stay that way. Other games with similar origins of Premise include Castle Falkenstein and My Life with Master, in which the Master is, for all intents and purposes, the setting. Situation-based Premise is perhaps the easiest to manage as GM, as player-characters are well-defined and shallow, and the setting is vague although potentially quite colorful. The Premise has little to do with either in the long-term; it's localized to a given moment of conflict. Play often proceeds from one small-scale conflict to another, episodically. Good examples of games based on this idea include Prince Valiant, The Dying Earth, and InSpectres. From The Dying Earth (2001, Pelgrane Press, authors are Robin Laws, John Snead, and Peter Freeman). Many Dying Earth stories revolve around a closed community, which may be either a small settlement or an isolated workplace.

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According to Griff O? eil, competition president and a former executive of the Miss Universe Pageant, ? ore than 40 countries will participate and vie for the ? old. This is the only truly Olympic-style talent competition ever created and we have been planting seeds for the past twelve years. Past talents and winners are aggressively making a name in the Hollywood industry and this time, we are once again ready to show off our spectrum of talents, both junior and adult divisions. On July 20, popular TV Host and three-time Emmy winner Bob Eubanks will once again emcee the Opening Ceremony to be held at the famed Universal CityWalk (now held for the second time). The big event which will be covered by local and international press will have its traditional Parade of Nations to be participated by talent competitors coming from more than 40 countries plus special celebrity guests and past winners of WCOPA. The exciting finals will be staged at the beautiful Grand Ballroom at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel on Friday evening, July 25. To be inducted as this year? Achievement Award Honoree is award-winning actress, designer and role model Jaclyn Smith (Charlie? Angels, Shear Genius, Jaclyn Smith Home). Six categories of competitions and over a hundred judges from entertainment industry will be involved before the main prizes, ? unior and Senior Grand Champion Performers of the World. Included in the competitions are dance, vocal, modeling, acting, instrumental and variety arts. Each ? ct? is allowed 60 seconds to showcase their skills in the final competition.

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John Dion Come on now, this couldn't possibly be true. We know from the lawsuit that Jaime appears in 6 episodes. But if you Google Game of thrones lawsuit, you'll find it was revealed Jamie is appearing in all of the episodes of the final season. Mr O And there is me thinking the twist with the golden company would be Sallador San getting there first. Gabriel Hester I am not going to believe it until I see and or read it. I will be so disappointed if this is the way it ends. The only parts I truly believe may happen is bran and Sam going to the isle of faces, jorah rebuilding the nights watch, and bran going beyond to wall. Maybe also the night queen being in the lowest level of the crypt. Everything else sounds like b. . to me. Jon or Danny need to live and either Jamie or arya should kill cersei. Dayunmmm You said it brother W the T F Robert Bloxton I like it, and support this if it were to happen. Harsh Bhardwaj I think after analysing all the theories i have come to conclusion on this:- The end would b i guess DAENERYS and jon would kill the NK but at cost of thr life. My guess would be jon would also have the same fate or he l volunteer to leave all this madness aftr NK is dead to be with daenerys in the extreme north. That would be a perfect SONG OF ICE AND FIRE i. MOTHER OF DRAGONS becoming Ice queen and snow becoming a dragon(targarean). In case of house lannister SANSA would have a target to not let Lannister name live on after what thy hv done to the family in all these years.

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But this scene was the first real taste of Dark Dany that even those around her, like Tyrion and Varys, are left shaken and horrified. If this action was entirely justified they would have structured this scene a whole lot different and Tyrion would not have been as troubled by it. This is why her eventual turn to the dark side is so powerful. Even after all of this, fans debated for months that she was justified and still very much the hero. It’s amazing how our biases for characters can veil our view of them even when it’s clear in our faces of who they have become and not who they were when we met them. How even those who are clearly seen as wrong to us now, were once hailed as a revolutionary and a capable leader to the people. It’s an impactful message to send and I truly hope we see it come in season 8. She’s totally not gotten to the point of justifying murder because it was necessary. Isn’t that what Stannis did when he burned Shireen. That name comes with a huge number of lore implications for the story. Now he's walked back that reveal in another post, presumably after some pushback from HBO. n the first post, Martin confirmed that Naomi Watts had been cast in the show, which is being run by Kingsman and Kick-Ass writer and producer Jane Goldman and co-created by Martin. He dropped the name of the show, which HBO hadn't revealed, but which corresponds to a major event in Game of Thrones history: specifically, the creation of the White Walkers. While some people might be skeptical about the list it is worth noting that Yoshi Crafted World appeared online on the official American site. That is the reason why we are bringing this list back to your attention. The rest of the games on the list are as follows: Animal Crossing Town Founder Ice Climbers Party Break the Ice. Kirby Warriors LEGO The Legend of Zelda Luigi’s Mansion Pop. But in between all this, Niantic has still managed to find time to work on the business side of things, buying a new company in order to prepare for the future.