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Sansa and Jon, realizing that “winter is here,” and smiling. In fact, they’ve been working together since episode one. Only question I have is Tyrion gonna be cool teaming up with the Niece murder brigade. The White Wolf! Oh well, we can’t have it all, I guess. Remember their dialogue last ep: “Jon is not a king. “No, he’s not. HA. If Arya is working her way through her murder-list, I think I’d rather see Arya do the deed than Dany. I hope it goes better for him than it did his brother. We don’t know how long the battle went on before Danaerys and her dragons ended it. They’re following 19 year old hearthrobs around, calling them king only if they aren’t flayers, letting little girls make cowards of them. And that play in Bravos made the north look like idiots was the common understanding. Needed a scene to explain (or maybe they dont KNOW how) but that would have ruined the surprise. Only question is who will strangle her Jaime or Tyrion. After they finally burned the ep become interesting. And seriously, are we to believe that cersei is going to fight fight all other kingdoms just herself. I don t think she has any allies so basically i would say the season will start with her buying a lot of sellsswords, unsulied from somewhere, join euron and whatever else is necessary for her to become a threat to jon and danny. Basically the vale, the north and the wildlings are together.


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Cersei immediately blames Tyrion for Joffrey’s murder. She gets Shae to turn on him and she goes out of her way to ensure that he will lose the trial by combat by getting The Mountain to participate. She also offers Bronn a castle if he refuses to fight for Tyrion, an offer he accepts. Things between the Lannisters and the Dornish are already heated, since The Mountain killed Oberyn Martell in Tyrion’s trial by combat. Ellaria Sand wants to kill Myrcella, and Cersei makes things even worse when Jaime is caught in Dorne trying to sneak his daughter back home. Tyrion’s arrangement for Myrcella to marry Trystane and live in Dorne provided her safety while eliminating an enemy in the War of the Five Kings. Cersei sets the Sept of Baelor ablaze with wildfire at the end of season six, which is exactly what Jaime stopped the Mad King from doing. Jaime probably tells himself she didn’t do this on purpose, but there has to be a part of him that knows she did. Cersei says that Tommen betrayed her, and basically changes the subject. The second time, when he brings her the gift of Ellaria Sand and Tyene Sand, she accepts it: but says it will only happen after the war is over. If it ever happens, Euron seems a lot more threatening to Jaime and Cersei’s continued romance than Robert was. Jaime likely thinks that Cersei will never actually marry Euron. She tells Jaime about the things she did to protect her house, how awful Joffrey was and how awful Cersei is, and ends it by admitting that she was the one who poisoned Joffrey. He has a look of “Seven Hells what have I done” for a second, but Jaime is driven by love. They’ll beat any army I’ve ever seen. He also mentions the dragons that burned a thousand wagons, and says, “This is a war we cannot win. . She does this quite often with Jaime, because she views him as the muscle and herself as the brains. Cersei’s ignorance drives Jaime to accept and facilitate the temporary truce Tyrion offers in their surprise meeting in King’s Landing.


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Adding a splash of colour, she completed her ensemble with a polka dot batwing cardigan, injecting a touch of glamour with a pair of oversized shades. And wearing her brunette hair in a loose bob, the pretty star went for minimal make- up, letting her natural beauty do the talking as she went about her busy daily routine. Viscata espadrilles Mila has been throwing herself into work since giving birth to her second child last November. Her upcoming movies include A Bad Moms Christmas, a sequel to her 2. Bad Moms in which she returns with co- stars Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn. In the new film, which hits screens this November, Kathryn's Carla, Kristen's Ki. Ki and Mila's Amy come face to face with their own mothers. Mila has been married to fellow actor Ashton Kutcher since 2. This is Mila's first marriage, but Ashton, now 3. Demi Moore. Long before they became a couple, Ashton and Mila starred opposite each other on the Fox period sitcom That '7. Power couple: Mila has been married to fellow actor Ashton Kutcher since 2. How Jill Soloway Is Bending Hollywood The 'Transparent' creator believes TV can be much more than TV, and she's proving it with her revolutionary—and very. On the radio I heard complex birdsong that had been recorded at midnight in summer in Finland. The spectrum of stories, ideas and revelations presented, on a. Super Mario 64 was released in 1996 as a singleplayer video game. Recent mods have let two people play together, but a new romhack allows up to 24 to jump online and. Welcome to Download City, the ultimate destination for movie fans, where one can download any movie. We're one of the most prominent and the coolest websites on the Internet.


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Um, yay. I even half-expected the endorsement to work until someone mentioned that it’s apparently common knowledge that Theon lost his favorite toy. And like that, he lost a voice amongst his kinsman forevermore. It must be since this was the very last storyline that Benioff and Weiss got to from the books (having skipped it last season), and tonight the shoe was lowered when Euron Greyjoy stole the salty crown right out from under Yara. For those who have never read a George R. . Martin novel, Euron’s reemergence probably was promptly followed by a head-scratching, “Huh? . It is why Tyrion is so reviled after being publicly blamed for the murder of Joffrey, and then earns that infamy and scorn officially by murdering his father. Yet, we have now seen Jaime boast about murdering a cousin to indifference throughout the realm, including while in the presence of the High Septon; Ramsay murdered his father in front of a maester and Lord Karstark, the latter of whom reacted with all the outrage of the slogan, “Shit happens when you party drunk. And now Euron Greyjoy admits to killing his brother and his king at the kingsmoot. When Euron exclaims, “He was leading us nowhere, and we’d still be heading there if it weren’t for me,” I almost thought he was about to say “He led us into two seasons where no one watched or cared. I’m still not sure any of us should though, especially since while Euron was getting Little Mermaid’d, Yara and Theon basically stole his scheme right out from under him by commandeering the Iron Fleet and heading to Essos (providing Dany with an easy route back to her homeland). The weakness with which Euron suggests that they’ll build a thousand ships and catch up with them is a beauty to behold. Oh sure, Euron, that will only give Yara a 50-day head start. And I thought Theon was supposed to be the ineffectual Greyjoy. And before we get to that stunner of an ending, let’s not skip over a startling revelation made this week: the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers, and they created them with blood magic involving Weirwood trees and a healthy dose of prejudice. As it turns out, this apocalypse isn’t about a primal force of nature, at least not entirely; the White Walkers were a weapon of mass destruction engineered by the Children of the Forest against the encroachments of the First Man, made of blood that mingles with their old gods in the white bark. In essence, the White Walkers have an almost identical origin to the “xenomorph” in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus since they’re bioengineered creatures made of alien (or magical) properties and our own blood.