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Wasn’t the whole fear about Jon’s situation this season because she wasn’t there like in the book. You just have to accept that GURM killed off one of the two rays of hope in the story line. GURM wrote him where is was blind to see what was going on around him, and that got him killed, just like his “Dad” and brother (they weren’t killed for shock value either). This is GURM’s MO, this is how he is writing this story. I think the showrunners and Kit are just carefully wording everything. Might as well watch Scandal if I want something this dumbed down. . I have never before compared the show to the books in a negative manner, but I did have a slight problem with For the Watch in the show. At THAT point Jon, you could argue, was in the process of breaking his vows. The NW coup was much more justified (and understandable) in the book than here. In the book, there is ANOTHER mistake by Jon beyond letting the wildlings through. Here, the wildlings are already through, and we have no reason to believe anything additional happened to make them go from letting Jon back in and subsequently killing him. If they wanted to kill him, why let the wildlings in. Somebody said that they could tell it was Cersei’s face on someone else’s body, but I couldn’t see it. Don’t know whose body it was, but it was a very well-toned body. Yes, I loved seeing the flicker of Old-Cersei returning when Qyburn vowed revenge. She’ll be in full revenge mode next season, especially when she finds out about Myrcella. If so, then everything said about Jon was just one big heap of uselessness.

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It’s entirely possible that the break between Dragons and Winter will be less than either gap, despite the show. Seems a bit hypocritical that you’re happy for the show to tinker with the story but not people who have worked closely with the creator. Yes, narrative and plot details have been altered: but you can change plots and narrative details a ton without altering the story. (Conversely, you can tell a very different story using essentially the same plot pretty easily. Again, it’s the Great White Shark and T. Counting only those instances where I have both read the book and watched the movie, I can name. What we often get are good movies or TV series from bad books and bad movies from good books. The Lord of the Rings is considered to be a bad boo by anyone who knows much about literature. The Lord of the Rings is considered to be a good movie by anyone who knows much about movies. Similarly, the Godfather is considered to be a pretty terrible book by many while being considered to be a great movie by many. Very few of the adaptations of War and Peace (great book) are considered to be very good. Of course, both required aggressive adaptation from novel to movie to. Now, maybe you prefer books to TV or TV to books, but neither is inherently “better” than the other anymore than terrestrial or marine lifestyles are inherently better than the other. Frankly, the majority of people tend to agree with this broad statement. And those who don’t, tend to do exactly what you’re arguing against: comparing different mediums with same parameters. Also, i’m willing to bet they watched first and then read. The order, which shouldn’t really matters, does because, well, human mind. May just be because I don’t like his writing style ( overdescriptive to say the least!


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So we need to give thanks to the Writers Guild Foundation. Its wonderful volunteers who helped staff that event and Chris Kartje for putting it all together. And Stuart Friedel, our producer, our long-serving, long-suffering producer was there along with his parents and his grandparents who got to hear Malcolm Spellman —. So I thought like, “Oh, well, the grandparents didn’t come. €ť But it just turns out they were so small that the paper on the chair backs behind them was still visible. So in the show notes at johnaugust. om you’ll see the links to their Twitter handles, their other bio information about them. You’ll also see links for most of the things we talked about on the show that we could squeeze into the links. As always, subscribe to us on iTunes if you’ve not already subscribed. Leave a comment. We were not one of the top podcasts of 2015 for some reason, so let’s make that a life goal for 2016 to be one of those top-rated podcasts on iTunes. But before that, there’s an elephant in the room that we have to address. His name is Mr. Ted Cruz. Let’s listen to what they said. And, you know, I want to be clear because, you know, Ted Cruz is a nightmare of a human being. And that created this bizarro domino thing where then it went on The Daily Show where — and then he said that it was a nerd burn and —. I just didn’t realize it was so evident in that remark.


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Proficiency of lecturers Availability of books Facilities for sports and games Facilities for transport. The feedback is reviewed and necessary steps taken to improve matters. For example: if unsatisfactory feedback is received about any faculty member, the HOD attends his lecture and if the grievance is found to be genuine, counseling is done to faculty member. If in spite of this there is no improvement, the faculty member is replaced. Similarly students’ feedback in respect of extracurricular activities or availability of books, transport facilities etc are taken note of and deficiencies if any removed. Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and students: College maintains an open door policy towards all grievances emanating from faculty or students. Similarly, regular faculty meetings are held in Principal’s office once a week where all important issues relating to college matters are addressed. All are absorbed as permanent faculty after serving for one year on probation. Srinivas Naik 2 DESIGNATION QUALIFICATION Vice Principal M. Tech 4 Md Nehajuddin Lecturer B. Tech (M. Tech) 5 Rama Krishna Lecturer M. Tech 6 Pranay G Lecturer B. Tech 7 P. Raju Lecturer B. Tech (M. ech) 8 Mazhar Lecturer B. Fee: Rs30,200-00 Faculty: The list of Faculty members is given below.


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Most of the northerners would never have been to Winterfell or even outside of their Lord’s lands; and there is no indication that Ned took Sansa with him when he toured the North. His position is weak, they would just drag that for no reason. I think it makes more sense to kill him now, before everyone in the audience realises how weak he really is. I hope the Umbers won’t side with the Boltons, hopefully they will actually turn on them when the time is right during the battle of the bastards. GRRM has something up his sleeve for LF: the seemingly confusing and contradictory probably are masking some agenda and some goal. My bet is that we do not learn exactly what this is until the final act. On the show we are only told that the Northerners in general hate and fear the Wildlings, and that the reason why the North is wide open for settling is that the Wildings have made it uninhabitable. The Umbers have been particularly hard hit by Wildlings, and at least one daughter of the ruling Umbers was stolen during a Wildling raid. Families do know each other, not everyone who ever saw Sansa is dead, and she has enough similarities to the Tullys to match a superficial inspection. She also has enough information and knowledge to answer any and all questions regarding her background and the history of those in the North, as well as King’s Landing. It was actually unusual for Ned not to have Robb and Jon fostered out as it’s a fairly common practice in Westeros. And if Ned wasn’t willing to send Jon out to one of the Northern Houses, there’s no way Catelyn would have agreed for Robb to be sent out while Jon stayed in WF. And there’s no guarantee they’d meet with Sansa up close and long enough to be able to recognise her years later. Then again I didn’t pay much attention to her arc and read the books once years ago, so there’s that. Have they never visited their liege lord and not met his daughter. She was present at the party when king Robert visited, quiet a rambunctious party btw. So wouldn’t she have been present when her father’s vassals visited. Why would she need her direwolf, a pet, to identify her.


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. made 9 percent of the total national income, Mr. Ballard said at a business breakfast event hosted by MSU’s Broad College of Business. By 2012, they were earning 21 percent of total national income. It also helps explain why while Michigan has seen the highest individual income in history, only half the people of the state have actually seen an increase. In fact compared to the entire nation, Mr. Ballard said, Michigan is an anomaly. Nationally all income levels have seen increases in the past 40 years (though again the highest income groups have seen the biggest increase, more than 50 percent compared to the lowest level). In Michigan, except for a tiny increase for those in the lowest 10th percent, every income group earning up to 50 percent of the income distribution saw their inflation-adjusted income decline. This was all an economic analysis of why Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders have been drawing crowds, and did not take into consideration factors like racial animus, fear of terrorism, disappointment that President Barack Obama did not pursue a more liberal agenda. But Mr. Ballard used statistics to explain an anger that is palpable when listening to what people are saying amongst themselves. The fellow didn’t say who he would back for president but one can guess he might be supportive of someone promising major changes in governance. One gets to know them as individuals, one understands that outside of their partisan viewpoints (no matter how intense and passionate) they have similar interests and talk easily amongst themselves about kids, the games, vacations, which plumber to use. The really important things in life, in other words. The Flint water crisis remains the most critical issue in the state.


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Legend of Brofist is a slightly different Download these 6 free goods free products before it's too late! 0 Days 0 Hrs 0 Min 0 Secs Unlock 6 Saffatin Calligraphy Obsession Following Follow View all 24 products Creative Market is the world’s marketplace for design. Click on this button to Download the free League Friends mobile app. I have a bar chart that reflects calls received as a little blue square shap in the legend. From the Flood Map Changes Viewer, you may view, download, and print flood maps for your location. Cara Drone View Mobile Legends Tanpa Aplikasi Terbaru Bang bang v1. Instead, start using our smart Mobile Legends Bang Bang hack right away and have a safe and enjoyable game. Bring your creative projects to life with ready-to-use design assets from independent creators around the world. CLOSE us en. The script is full of alternates and the layered font has a pseudorandom function embedded that means two letters will never look the same when placed next to each other. Desert Battles - we have already drawn a number of new terrains and themed objects like Giant Scorpion, Djinn, Cactuses, etc. Load View Click the Load View button to see a list of previously used Views. To view the map tips on a mobile device, during or after a line is drawn. Selected plots are now drawn last, so they will always be visible, even when there are Naruto, Shikamaru and Sakura are in the middle of returning a lost ferret to its owner—the easiest mission ever. 00. Learn how to draw mobile legends hero step by step with this application. Download now from: Google has finally announced that John Legend's voice is coming Drawn by Legend author Marie Lu. Download Formitize and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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Martin made this as a conscious decision by all accounts. Mostly because I didn't want everybody dying at twenty-six. So it is generally improved, the Maesters have improved the standard of hygiene, and they understand certain practices, and they can do things better. The Maesters, though it is not clear from literature or the series, probably aren't aware of the underlying reasons for illness. They do seem to have a large knowledge base of functional medicine and surgery, for instance. Seige weaponry is also regularly employed, especially catapults. Armies tend to comprise those units we'd expect to see from this period, albeit of varying designs and heraldry unique to the fictional series. Horse cavalry, elephants and heavy cavalry with mounted knights in full plate are the mainstays of battle sequences. Interestingly, there is a nice consistency in armor from North to South. The richer regions showing a proclivity for full plate with the poorer regions usually fielding chain mail and cheaper weapons. This is touted as being a highly flammable, explosive, napalm like substance. Although the Alchemists' Guild didn't reveal the formula, it is claimed that magical spells are employed in its creation. This is dismissed by the Maesters, according to the Game of Thrones canon. Well, that's the proposal by Maester Qyburn, who summarily uses it to vandalize a perfectly nice skull of Balerion the Dread. But these weapons were real pieces of field artillery that were common to the Roman army, for example. Its name derives from the root Greek word Ballistes, meaning to throw, pretty straightforward, we like that. In medieval England, these devices were actually called Ingenium. Given the size of projectiles used, they were better suited for sniping duties rather than breaching defenses.