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So these are some things that we could be doing right now. There are proposals in Congress, as we speak, and Congress needs to act now. But I also believe that over the long term, the strength of our economy is going to depend on how we deal with the accumulated debt and deficits that have built up over the last decade. And that’s what the discussion in Washington is about right now. For a decade, we have been spending more money than we take in. Last time the budget was balanced was under a Democratic President, Bill Clinton. (Applause. And a series of decisions were made — whether it was cutting taxes, or engaging in two wars, or a prescription drug benefit for seniors — that weren’t paid for, and then a financial crisis on top of that, Recovery Act to try to pull us out of a Great Depression — all those things contributed to this accumulated debt. And the result is that there’s simply too much debt on America’s credit card. Businesses will be less likely to invest and hire in America.

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Their public and private lives are challenged by issues with which most of us can identify, although their sex lives are probably a little hotter and more creative than most. Honestly, I liked Peden’s first novel so much, I published her second under the Mr. Media Books imprint. The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal by Jane Peden. That's because you're only seeing the exciting parts of all lives. Cache Translate Page The BROWN BALLERINA MOVEMENT is the brainchild of Chassidy Jade, CEO and founder of Crown Me Royal Labs. It's foundation - a short film entitled BROWN BALLERINA is the dynamic movie and epicenter of Jade's creative vision. The filmmaker's mission is to defy stereotypes one plie at a time. Touching on issues of race, politics and social class BROWN BALLERINA explores the full spectrum of ballet, giving viewers a glimpse into a world that before now was inaccessible. The filmmaker believes that viewers will be inspired by the story's universal messages of self-love and power found in defining one's personal path.

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As I mentioned earlier, Ned Umber and Alys Karstark were invited to Winterfell. The discussion of giving lands to others should have been completed long before. It’s poor writing to create tension between Jon and Sansa. Would you have wanted a scene with Jon and Sansa alone debating what to do with the land for 20 mins. Otherwise you would waste far to much time, as you would need 4-5 scenes instead of just this 1. Because she evolved away from Ned and his ideas, unlike Jon. ”you almost admire Cersei” Jon made a good point about her character. On another note love that Brienne is a fan of Jon now. To me, what the novels make very clear is that most Northern lords did appreciate and respect Ned as a man but that their loyalty was mostly due to the Starks being repeatedly victorious (which allowed them to “feed the dogs”) The Direwolves were on the winning side of both Robert’s and the Greyjoy’s Rebellions. Furthermore, Ned was known to be the king’s best friend.

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Immediately his relatives began to quarrel over the division of his estate, which amounted to a considerable fortune. Thomas Pellet examined Newton’s manuscript holdings in hopes of turning a quick pro? . He worked in London for Jonathan Sisson, and by 1745 he had his own business in the Strand. Bird was commissioned to make a brass quadrant 8 feet across for the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, where it is still preserved. Soon after, duplicates were ordered for France, Spain and Russia. Bird supplied the astronomer James Bradley with further instruments of such quality that the commissioners of longitude paid him ? 00 (a huge sum) on condition that he take on a 7-year apprentice and produce in writing upon oath, a full account of his working methods. This was the origin of Bird's two treatises The Method of Dividing Mathematical Instruments (1767) and The Method of Constructing Mural Quadrants (1768). Both had a foreword from the astronomer-royal Nevil Maskelyne.

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10, 1946, after 17 years as a teacher in Calcutta with the Loreto Sisters (an uncloistered, education-oriented community based in Ireland), Mother Mary Teresa, 36, took the 400-mile (645-km) train trip to Darjeeling. She had been working herself sick, and her superiors ordered her to relax during her annual retreat in the Himalayan foothills. On the ride out, she reported, Christ spoke to her. The local Archbishop, Ferdinand Perier, was initially skeptical. But her letters to him, preserved, illustrate two linked characteristics--extreme tenacity and a profound personal bond to Christ. The Onset Related Algeria AFP Says Its Bureau Chief Was Expelled by the Algerian Government Amid Nationwide Protests Algeria AFP Says Its Bureau Chief Was Expelled by the Algerian Government Amid Nationwide Protests Lord, my God, who am I that You should forsake me. The Child of your Love--and now become as the most hated one--the one--You have thrown away as unwanted--unloved. Did I make a mistake in surrendering blindly to the Call of the Sacred Heart? --ADDRESSED TO JESUS, AT THE SUGGESTION OF A CONFESSOR, UNDATED In the first half of 1948, Teresa took a basic medical course before launching herself alone onto the streets of Calcutta. Then we went to Taltala Bazaar, and there was a very poor woman dying I think of starvation more than TB.

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More than 400 people have been arrested since demonstrations began in August at the North Dakota portion of the pipeline, which also crosses through South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois. Two-bus Baltimore crash leaves 6 people killed and 10 injured A school bus was blocks away from its first stop Nov. 1 when it rear-ended a car and then ricocheted off a roadside pillar into an oncoming commuter bus. The predawn accident killed at least six people and injured 10, authorities said. There were virtually no skid marks at the crash scene, suggesting that the brakes of the school bus were not forcefully applied, and leading to what Baltimore Police spokesman T. . Smith called a working theory that the driver had suffered some sort of medical emergency. The school bus driver was killed, along with at least five people on the Maryland Transit Administration bus, Smith said. Opposition in Venezuela delays action after release of activists Venezuela’s opposition Nov. 1 warily welcomed the government’s release of four jailed activists, agreeing to delay a symbolic trial in Congress to void President Nicolas Maduro’s authority and to scrap a protest march set for later this week.


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They were United Empire Loyalists, proud of their British heritage and determined to retain it. A tavern keeper, land speculator, presented himself as a land surveyor. He was a typical frontier businessman like others; he put his talents and energies to work in more than one field. This large piece of land changed hands a few times until 1823 when Andrew Miller purchased a little over seven acres of it. Triangular in shape and ran North on the west side of James Street. It was an addition to Miller’s already thriving business the Steamboat Hotel located next door. The Steamboat Hotel opened for business in 1819 on the northwest corner of King and James Streets. A prime strategic spot, the site of today’s main entrance to Lloyd D. Located right at the centre of town, and with the town already developing north-ward from Main Street to Burlington Bay buying the orchard made excellent business sense. Immigration quickly increased the town’s population from 200 to more than 2,000 residents.

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And I remember the day that Queenie died in the film, it was Queenie's funeral, and I was so heartbroken because I couldn't go to my cousin's funeral. I was in this casket, and on my left hand the prosthetics kept lifting. And it was my work as an artist that had me there with him during that moment. Acting can be very therapeutic for actors, because if you're missing it in your life, nine times out of 10, you're going to miss it on the page. So I constantly have to deal with my shit. Excuse me. Can I say that? STONE Shit, shit, shit. HENSON But Taraji has to deal with her hang-ups and flaws, because if I don't, it will cloud the characters. Is there anything you would still like to accomplish that isn't related to acting.

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The 2017 Anzaldua Poetry Prize finalist is a poet, a novelist, and, as he says, a “content creator in various forms. Demcak is a Renaissance man who works in unusual ways, cutting up blocks of text from a variety of sources and rearranging them, to create his poems. In “Cryptopedia” he mixes this method with the murky, monstrous and mysterious to create something unsettling yet genuinely moving and thought-provoking. Demcak’s success comes from his pitch-perfect subject choices and his ability to turn a seemingly random selection of lines and quotes into a twisting narrative, a short, emotive gut-punch. It takes talent to write poetry, but Demcak has proved he is not only a great talent, but a true craftsman. Demcak’s poetry has appeared in a range of journals and we were lucky enough to have him share his craft, as well as some words of wisdom, with us at Newfound. Josh King: Would you tell me a little about your writing life in general. Andrew Demcak: It’s funny now because I did consider myself to be primarily a poet until I wrote my first novel (“ If There’s a Heaven Above,” JMS Books 2013) and I was already happy just writing poetry. I studied with Brenda Hillman and her husband, Robert Hass. I love pushing words around on the page a making them do things they don’t want to do.