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If she's a good player of the game for murdering the competition, then I'm good at Monopoly for punching my grandmother in the face and lighting the board on fire. I will concede that she's on the throne, but I'll not suffer the delusion that she's a good player of the game. Game of Theories She might have made mistakes along the way, but she's managed to worm her way on to the Iron throne. Petyr changes allegiance to cersei leaving sansa no choice but to kill robyn to keep the arryns on there side Ps:I also think she'll stick to trying to marry robyn and asap just to get her closer to full control of the vale ilcacacazzi you have to fuckin low the volume of the music or speak fuckin louder. Nick Of All Trades I'm a fan of sansa and little finger dying. Fuck both of them Brenna Smith i think Sansa is safe tbh, at least for a while. He was actually quite against it, even when talking to Catelyn about it iirc. He will stay in Winterfell, possible actions from him: - Trying to get into Jon's inner circle, small council. Someone has to represent the Vale, that is for sure and Lord Rosce would be a much better choice than LF. - Trying to assassinate Jon. Maybe there will be an assassination attempt against Jon in the first two episodes. Anyway, it will fail, Davos-Ghost will take care of it, half of Winterfell is going to be nuts to find out, who tries still kill their king. - After Jon is leaving, LF tries to dethrone Jon in his absence for Sansa.

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George said that “THE ending” would be “bittersweet”, which I imagine is not too unlike JRRT’s LotR (something that Peter Jackson’s movies didn’t quite fully capture IMHO), but there was still plenty to cheer for by the time RotK was winding down. We don’t know what his thoughts were on the matter, he may have been against it. The Mummers were burning down septs and killing septons, but these new outlaws are doing stuff in the name of religion. I suppose if the CGI they’d have to use looked good enough and wasn’t too budget breaking. Jaime rightly broke this vow to save thousands, but in spite of that Ned has nothing but disdain for him for doing what he did. So why would he hold Dayne in such high regard even after “kidnapping” his sister while showing nothing but contempt for Jaime. I expect a number of the Lord we have already met from the north will also come back to plot together. If they introduce him it would be a connection to Bloodraven and the Great Bastards. Not entirely sure why he jumped on Jaime so quickly when he forgave both Dayne and Selmy for fighting on the other side. The Starks and Lannisters never had any animosity towards eachother until this point ( except perhaps that Cersei was rejected by Rhaegar and Lyanna wasn’t but he’s already married Elia before that). Ned’s assumptions and unwillingness to look into what happened again proves what a dangerous tool for ignorance honour can be. Bloodraven was the last person known to have Dark Sister so maybe a flashback with him in but again not sure of the relevance and he’s not really reknowned as a legendary swordsman. What they do is important to the plot or they would not do calling casts for Northern Lords.

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Trump’s far more serious sexual transgressions. “I think it’s baloney,” said Jean Carter Wilson, a Tennessean who worked in presidential personnel for Mr. Clinton. “I think he has done more for women and minorities and equality in this country than anybody in my lifetime. When lightly pressed, she walked away in anger. Mr. Reines tweeted that Ms. Gillibrand was a “hypocrite” for speaking out now after taking “the Clintons’ endorsements, money, and seat. “Can’t improve on perfection,” Mr. Carville said. Yet this conversation was nearly as difficult, because their own party seems to be drifting away from Clinton-style moderation and toward a more undiluted liberalism. In Mr. Clinton’s own state, where Democrats still dominated as recently as a decade ago, Republicans now hold every congressional seat and every statewide office.

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“You know, I was born in St. And they took over your spirit when you were sleeping, so when you woke up, you couldn’t move,” she added. Davis is aware that this sounds strange. “Listen—I know. But I believed it since I was a kid, and I can’t shake it,” she laughed. Ivanka Trump, Alex Karpovsky, Sandra Lee, and Rachel Roy were among the attendees taking a welcome break from the madhouse that is Fashion Week in New York. Tell me all about your wig spirit snatching experiences. She visited me in a dream and told me that she was in a good place and that I should be happy. My grandpa just passed away a little over a month ago and my grandma's been gone for about a year and a half. My friend and her BF were coming home from the movies one night and decided to go down Hinds Road, a road that is said to be haunted by a witch that was burned to death on the road. Weather or not you believe the story, the road itself is just creepy, esp at night. It is a very long and creepy dirt road with no houses on it and no street lights, surrounded by nothing but trees. The road is very narrow too, not really made for two cars to pass at once.

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But I don't see his great portrayal should make the character off limits for others. Jameson has been around since 1963 and has been interpreted in many different ways. Ed Asner (my personal favorite version of JJJ) always delivered his lines for Spider-Man: The Animated Series slowly with an air of disgust. This is a great character that a lot of awesome character actors could do great things with. Jonah Jameson would fit in the dark, edgy Amazing Spider-Man films (unless he was a reporter who worked with Richard Parker to expose Oscorp, because everything needs to relate to Peter's parents for some reason). Huebel may be a bit young, but he is a great sketch comic who could really have a lot of fun making Peter's life difficult. Slattery has the right look (sans mustache), has enough eloquence and intimidation to sell the professional, controlling newspaperman. He is becoming a staple of character roles in addition to comedy. He could go to some really interesting places with the role. He is smug, giddy, excitable and can go off on incredible rants. Ferguson doesn't get much acting work, but he is an incredible talent that could be a really fun bit performer. Not necessarily an intimidating force, but he can sure portray the jerk side of Jameson. I can really see Goldblum reveling in making things difficult for Peter.

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But the intrigued and rusty Bruce is blissfully unaware of her true agenda. Far more dangerous, however, is the emergence of a heavily fortified and methodical element. Presenting himself by looting the Gotham City Stock Exchange, the ruthless masked terrorist, Bane (Tom Hardy) and his ragtag army of discontents plan to assume martial control of the city under the pretence to liberate Gotham's citizenry from the shackles of government. A reject from the League of Shadows, Bane proves he is not only the muscle, but the brains. When the resurrected Batman re-dons the cape and joins the fighting fray, Bane reminds Gotham that Batman is in fact the poster-man for criminals. No amount of new toys from his quartermaster Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) can change public opinion or prevent the fate Bane has in store. Is Bane really a criminal mastermind or is someone guiding his every move. And if so, will both Bruce and Batman survive the ordeal. The pile-up of excessive characters, extended battle sequences, delayed plot twist and not-so-subtle political allusions make the whole affair rather laboured. As a conclusion it is adequate, however as a standalone feature is not as meaningful as Nolan probably intended. Bale is back to his over-annunciating but somewhat lisping Batman self, only really delivering and understandable as the soul searching Bruce. Michael Caine is cockney as ever, providing a beating heart to the project. Morgan Freeman does his best at navigating the thankless lines that provide much of the films plot foundations.

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