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Magotra said that today BJYM Free Legal Aid centre for women are thrown out across the nation, State BJYM has also taken initiative to open in which the committee members will have decided to open it twice a month. Any women from any sections of the society can come and take the Free Legal Aid. JYM’s Free Legal Aid office for women was thrown operational from today at Party headquarters Trikuta Nagar Jammu and Legal Committee members will be available on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. rominent who were present on the occasion were Adv Ravinder Sharma, Adv. Kapil Sharma, Adv. Rohit Sharma, Adv. Deepa Sharma, Adv. Annu Behnal, Adv. Ramneek Singh, Adv. Varun Kotwal, Adv. Sulekha Kangotra, Adv.

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Dr. Gagan starts work at P. . Bana Singh Stadium worth thirty Lacs First time in the history of R. Pura Param Veer Chakra Sardar Bana Singh Stadium got such a huge amount of Rs. 0 Lacs for renovation and developmental work which would directly benefit the future of sports in this border town. While inaugurating the project Dr. Gagan Bhagat M. . from R. Pura said that his priority will be on that works which will affect the future of the coming generation.


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Appealing workers to work for strengthening party in the area, District president of BJP Dinesh Sharma said that for the first time in history, BJP won 2 seats in Pir Panchal area and this is good sign for the party in future elections also. He said that people of every faith believe in the party and its mission of development. He said that workers must work to strengthen the party because party has bright future in Rajouri Poonch. He said that BJP want to strengthen base in all 7 consituencies of the area and workers must intensify their activities and improve situations in the fourthcoming urban bodies elections. He said that Urban Bodies and panchayat elections are important for the party and party workers must intensify their activities. Others who spoke on the occasion included Atam Gupta,Bashir Bhat,Adv,Asif and Bodh Raj. BJP State President and MLA, Satpal Sharma gave details of the ongoing projects and the initiatives being taken by the centre government and highlighted the works done by the state government in the last 10 months. The agenda of the “Modi government is clear and sacred” and it doesn’t discriminate with any section of the society and moreover committed to reach out to the masses so that the benefits of the various welfare schemes launched by the central government can be given to the needy, he added. Assuring the people, Kavinder Gupta said that BJP is committed to protect the rights and glory of Jammu and the projects being shelved by the pervious NC-Congress government are taken up on priority and will be completed in a time bound and transparent manner. The 80,000 Crore package announced by the Modi government is just a small installment and there is a lot more in the offering, he added. Kavinder Gupta also lauded the efforts of the party activists in reaching out to the masses and their tireless working for the welfare of the society and said that the workers are our backbone and his full support and cooperation will be always with them.


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It’s a very good premise, and you can pitch it quite easily even though it’s got a very intricate plot. Back when Hitch and I first started working on it, I felt that I didn’t know how to write it properly, and since there were no offices at Paramount at the time, I stopped going to the studio, and I managed to get off the picture. Eventually, you and Hitchcock collaborated on his last film, Family Plot, and then, as his health declined, you worked together on another film called The Short Night. LEHMAN: There’s not much I care to remember about it. It was based on a novel called The Short Night, which was set in England, although we changed it, and it never got made. We were kidding ourselves that Hitch could make it. He was in no condition to go on location and shoot a film in the middle of a lake in Denmark. He wanted the hero to rape a woman at the beginning of the picture. That’s astonishing. Was it in the novel? LEHMAN: No.


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The positive predictive value for patients who completed the protocol was 96%. One patient who did not have an occult distal radius fracture had a fracture of the ulnar styloid. Tenderness of the distal radial metaphysis after wrist injury is strongly suggestive of a distal radius fracture despite both normal plain radiographs and fluoroscopic images. We aimed to determine the impact of positioning on image quality and fracture definition. We performed supine and decubitus lateral VFA in 50 postmenopausal women and used the algorithm-based qualitative method to identify vertebral fractures. We compared the 2 techniques for the identification of fractures (kappa analysis) and compared the numbers of unreadable vertebrae (indiscernible endplates) and vertebrae that were projected obliquely (Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-rank test). So patients with Marfan syndrome could vulnerable to trauma in old ages. We present the first report, to the best of our knowledge, of a rare fracture of the femoral neck with a minor traumatic history in a juvenile Marfan syndrome patient whose physis is still open. Although the patient is young, her bone mineral density was low and the geometry of femur is changed like old ages. The femur neck fracture in children is very rare and only caused by high energy trauma, we concluded that the Marfan syndrome makes the bone weaker in young age and preventative medications to avoid fractures in younger Marfan syndrome patients are necessary in early ages. Complications of impaired wound healing, infection, malunion, delayed union, nonunion, and Charcot arthropathy are prevalent in this patient population.


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Soon a weird voodoo couple show up and warn them of bad things that are. Crazed with lust and desire many of the nuns pleasure. In their hotel room, the wife, who has difficulties getting rid of her inhibitions, is sexually assaulted by a hideous demon. They are unaware that a sex-crazed radioactive monster is also on the island. In the morning she will discover she is dead, with a syringe in her hand. The man's wife gets into a (sexual) relationship with a woman from the tribe and brings her back to the big city where. LAURA GEMSER in the NEW and continuing adventures of EMANUELLE IN AMERICA. Don't you think that a hot bath is nice as a lover's caress? There is a cut Italian print (approx 93 minutes in length). Instead of simply dubbing over the English dialogue. Well, having watched it a couple of times I have to say that its reputation is a tad overblown.


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In the Broken Man, we also meet Lyanna Mormont who later turns out to become a big fan-favourite. The cinematography was very beautiful in this episode too (e. : Jaime’s close-up when he’s waiting for the Blackfish or Theon and Yara’s close up when they decide to leave Theon’s past behind. Beautifully done! One thing I didn’t really like in The Broken Man was The Waif stabbing Arya. The scene was unnecessary and only served to increase the show’s shock value. Not only we have a kind of Cleganebowl, but we also meet House Tyrell by the introduction of ser Loras Tyrell. We feel that a war between the Lannisters and the Starks is about to start, which causes the first casualties: Jory Cassel. The bloody confrontation between Ned Stark and Jaime Lannister was tense and a great ending to a great episode. Besides, we are also introduced to the Vale and its crazy residents. It’s also the moment where you start to really feel for Tyrion’s character.