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You may also want to view these photo galleries: Replay 1 of 25 2 of 25 3 of 25 4 of 25 5 of 25 6 of 25 7 of 25 8 of 25 9 of 25 10 of 25 11 of 25 12 of 25 13 of 25 14 of 25 15 of 25 16 of 25 17 of 25 18 of 25 19 of 25 20 of 25 21 of 25 22 of 25 23 of 25 24 of 25 25 of 25 Autoplay Show Thumbnails Show Captions Last Slide Next Slide Many eateries and bars feature street tables. Order a couple dozen oysters at Bourbon Street or sip a beer outside Rebellion (a framed photo of visiting actor Bill Murray hangs in the men’s room). The informal but upscale place is named for and overseen by Howard’s spouse, Ben Knight. However, enough equipment and tech support is in place to keep Wilmington open for film business. Fans of “Dawson’s Creek” and “One Tree Hill” still pilgrimage to Wilmington, as do fans of Stephen King. His adaptations done there include “Firestarter” (1985), “Maximum Overdrive” (1986) and the 2012-2014 series “Under the Dome. There are walking tours of key movie locations; filmed-in-Wilmington websites also list them. It’s on Princess Street across from Manna, which just received AAA Four Diamond status for the fifth consecutive year. Manna has a small bar, and huddled there on a Friday in late February were actresses Jennifer Beals and Virginia Madsen. They were in town for the filming of the “Swamp Thing” series slated to stream on DC Universe this year. Manna owner Billy Mellon is well-regarded locally for two unusual creations. What started as a cooler clean-out now has a life of its own. Mellon’s other chaos-inspired touch is around the corner, on the wall of his building. It’s a large mural: a tweak on the state flag that shows Cape Fear whitecaps just below a black-on-red silhouette of Wilmington’s iconic U. . 74 bridge. A placard above it reads “I believe in Wilmington. It has become a prime photo op for locals accustomed to random visits by hurricanes and movie stars.

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2016 saw the publication of their bestselling book and live shows based on the ubiquitous Belinda Blinked novels have sold out venues like the Sydney Opera House in minutes, crashing websites and jamming phone lines. In addition, their one off Christmas special charted around the world, most impressively storming to the top of the UK iTunes Album chart, unseating the likes of Bruno Mars and festive favourite Michael Buble. In this ever-timely performance at Carnegie Hall, Luigi Nono's anti-fascist one-act opera comes to the stage, presented by the American Symphony Orchestra. Intolleranza follows a migrant worker traveling home as he gets caught up in a political protest, is tortured in prison and escapes to fight for a world without war. This concert version is conducted by Leon Botstein and features tenor Daniel Weeks, soprano Serena Benedetti, mezzo-soprano Hai-Ting Chinn, baritone Matthew Worth, bass-baritone Carsten Wittmoser and the Bard Festival Chorale. A related exhibition will be on view at the Center for Architecture. Walk straight through the heart of Central Park on this east-to-west tour led by Central Park Conservancy guides. Enjoy a great variety of the scenic, sculptural, and architectural elements the Park has to offer. Visit some of the Park's most famous landmarks, including Conservatory Water, Loeb Boathouse, Bethesda Terrace, Bow Bridge, Cherry Hill, the Lake, and Strawberry Fields. Meet: Samuel F. B. Morse statue (inside the Park at 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue). Cost: Free. Register in advance for easiest check-in! (Pre-registration not required). After tossing and turning in his bed, a little boy embarks on a nighttime quest to find a cozy place to rest. He visits one animal friend after another, from a lark in its nest to a mole in its hole. But while all the animals he meets are happily dozing off, this tuckered-out wanderer remains wide-awake—until he finally finds the perfect spot to lay his head.

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Once Jon also returns, allegedly to swear allegiance to Queen Daenerys, the Queen sends her best men on a mission. That includes Jon, Davos, Jorah, and Gendry, along with Thoros, played by Paul Kaye, and Beric Dondarrion, played by Richard Dormer. Both Beric and Thoros are members of the Brotherhood Without Banners, we’ll note. Supposedly, the supergroup heads north on their quest to find a wight and bring him back, and scenes of them together appear in the trailers. We don’t have the exact answers to what happens along the way, (Dany saving the lads on a dragon, we hear) but we’re just saying, don’t get too attached to any of these guys. One of the scenes the Reddit post describes involves Jon Snow bringing a kidnapped wight to King's Landing. Apparently, the ruling families of Westeros are having trouble believing Jon’s dire stories about the White Walkers and the wights, the gruesome reanimated corpses they create to fight in their armies. So, he brings one to the Dragonpit to show them, in a scene that includes Cersei, Tyrion, Daenerys, Sandor Clegane, and the Mountain. Superfans posted reports and pics that show the scene being filmed in Seville, Spain. Nonetheless, the leaked script outline claims that she admits to Jaime that her promises of sending troops to help in the war against the White Walkers were a lie and that she wants that war to help thin out the ranks of her enemies. In GoT 7, after the Lannisters forge an alliance with the Tarlys, Jaime and Bronn lead a force that attacks Highgarden. No definitive word on exactly how the battle unfolds, but fans snapped pics of Jaime and Bronn hanging around the castle ramparts, with the Lannister flag unfurling in the wind, which doubtless does not spell good news for Olenna. To add to the intrigue, the trailers have shown that Casterly Rock, seat of the Lannisters, falls to an army of the Unsullied, who are aligned with Dany. Does Dany send the Unsullied to conquer the Rock while she knows Jaime and Bronn are away. The Lannisters have an anti-dragon spear thingie that was designed by Qyburn, but it doesn’t help in the end. Jaime and Bronn escape, so Dany takes her wrath out on the Tarlys, and someone (we don’t know who) is burned alive. Casting notices looked for many Dothraki types and horses, among other things. One other relatively minor note regarding the Lannisters: actor Mark Gatiss, who plays Tycho Nestoris, has revealed that he'll be back in both Season 7 and 8.

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This event also featured Swarthmore and Bryn Mawr students performing in a dance piece choreographed by Karl. The residency was used as a model for the development of a new education class, and inspired a math student’s senior thesis. He and co-director Erik Stern have toured throughout North America performing at such venues as the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Annenberg Center in Philadelphia, the Mondavi Center in Davis, and most recently in New York and Hawaii. In 2005 they were named to the artist roster of the Kennedy Center’s Partners in Education, which sponsors arts workshops at many of the largest performing arts centers in the United States. Schaffer and Stern have received five National Endowment for the Arts Access to the Arts awards for their cross-disciplinary performance work linking dance and mathematics. The latest grant will fund an extended choreographic residency by Schaffer and Stern in Puerto Rico in 2009. He has written obituaries for kings, princes, musicians, actors, explorers and heroes for all the major British newspapers and appears regularly on BBC radio. His obituary work was recently featured in the Public Edtior's column of the New York Times. Christine worked with students to explore the idea of sound as currency, while Carmen led participants on a sight-deprived tour of campus as a way of examining sense experience. Each artist worked with students on multiple campuses. Her drawings, sculptures and performances have been featured in various exhibitions and programs, among them Recess Activities, Inc. New York City; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. . TCB Gallery, Melbourne, Australia and Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin, Germany. She participated in the Youth Insights Artist Residency at Whitney Museum in 2010 and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Swing Space program in 2009. Kim has been the recipient of various awards, including the 2012 Newhouse Award through the Wynn Newhouse Foundation in New York, 2009 Harvestworks Educational Scholarship and the 2009 Emergency Grant from Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Additionally, Kim has been an educator at the Whitney Museum since 2006 and is actively involved in developing the programming initiatives for deaf audiences.

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Charles will be swinging for the fences. “We are attempting to do nothing less than a modern Citizen Kane,” Charles said. “A scabrous satire of Silicon Valley and its most famous citizen. We needed a bold environment to nurture such a vision. Former Smallville executive producers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin are writing the TV adaptation, which is being produced by MRC. Nolfi is executive producing with Swimmer and Slavkin, with Michael Hackett, a producer on the feature, serving as co-executive producer. Dick’s short story Adjustment Team centered on a rising politician (Damon) whose budding romance with a dancer (Blunt) is intercepted by the Adjustment Bureau, a secret organization with special powers, which uses them to ensure that people’s lives follow the chairman of the Bureau’s plan for them. MRC doesn’t normally do traditional network development, but the deal for The Adjustment Bureau stems from the fact that Syfy is a sister network of Universal Pictures, which released the MRC-produced movie. I’ve learned that Carter is set to write, direct and executive produce a mystery drama with a female lead for MRC. The company, which hopes to go straight to series on the project, is expected to start pitching the show to networks in the next few weeks. Carter had had the idea for the action series for a while and earlier this year pitched it to MRC, which has been teaming with A-list film and TV auspices. Since The X-Files ended its run on Fox in 2002, ICM-repped Carter has stayed largely out of the spotlight, only resurfacing to do the 2008 X-Files movie sequel and the upcoming thriller Fencewalker. There is now talk about a potential third X-Files movie. The novel is a love triangle among an academic, his particle-physicist girlfriend, and the black hole that comes as the result of her lab experiments to replicate the origins of the universe. The physicist dumps her boyfriend to spend all her time with the black hole — which she calls Lack — and the university professor will do anything to win her back, even confronting his rival for her affections and risking a trip down a cosmic rabbit hole. The premise has comedic and thriller elements, and Film Rites brought it first to Cronenberg, who has covered dangerous and creepy obsessions in films ranging from The Fly to Crash and Dead Ringers. Cronenberg was exec producer on Wagner’s adaptation of his own novel, I’m Losing You. Media Rights Capital would not disclose whether it will mount the movie in its financing and output deal with Universal, or broker a deal to a studio before production begins.