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I figured that this episode would be action-packed, a game-changer, since the last two episodes felt transitional and getting the dominoes in place. To have three transitional episodes in a row, with only two more to go, concerns me. In reality, I feel that it can make the plot seem rushed, like the previous 8 episodes could’ve been left out. This is what worries me, with only two, shortened seasons to go. This season marked the beginning of the ending chapters of the story. Transitional, slow episodes just ain’t gonna fly in season 7, imho. I’m not one to say the whole show suck or I won’t watch. I just want plots that make sense, that makes you say, ok, didn’t see that but ok kool. Really when it comes to it, it just highlight the genius that’s Martin because when they show runs out of material you can tell. I don’t care about off screen or on screen death or clegane bowl or LSH. Just write shit that makes sense because before they started winging it, it did make sense. And if they would take away screen time from certain pointless exchanges we would have time to work out the plots. Like Bronn and Pod scene, pointless when your strapped for time. Although Arya is not a FM, she is some kind of mole in Westeros who will be called upon when least expected. If there were sufficient episodes left to cover that subtlety. These are more general audience reactions, not necessarily fanatic ones.

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First of all, we need to look for Jewish, or quasi-Jewish, representations in horror movies. Jewish characters were often in hiding, ethnicity erased to a bland American melting pot homogeneity. Within a Jewish context, Boyarin refers to the kind of intense pride Jews experience when a film or TV show allows Jewish images, characters or ideas to be expressed. Jewish viewers discover what Nathan Abrams refers to as “Jewish moments” in a film; moments when some kind of wink or nod to the Jewish audience creates this kind of connection. Within critical theory, the idea of jouissance has been suggested by the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan to refer to those moments of intense pleasure that goes beyond the pleasure to the point of pain. Returning to the Jewish context of Jewissance, the pleasure of discovering a Jewish presence in a horror film is not only the pleasure of recognition, but also the painful awareness of this presence’s rarity. Although I guess that’s only painful if you’re a horror fan in the first place. I want to start with Roman Polanski ’s 1967 comedy The Fearless Vampire Killers. In this film, a professor of the Occult and his schlemiel assistant travel though Eastern Europe (intentionally undefined) looking for vampires to stake. The movie as a whole is a parody of the British Hammer Horror films which were then sufficiently popular as to warrant parody. In probably the film’s most famous sequence, Shagal’s Jewishness is made explicit. Simply by including Jewish specificity into a horror film (or a Western, or an action-adventure movie) means that the film is automatically comic, so incongruous is any kind of ethnic specificity in these genres. The implication, to read backwards, is that Hollywood genre production is traditionally (normally) ethnically bland. Any alternative flavour added disrupts the genre irrevocably. I don’t necessarily agree with this, but wanted to throw it out there anyway. The question for me is: is David Kessler, the films titular hero, Jewish.

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