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(MNE) EON je aplikacija koja ti omogucava da uzivo gledas najpopularnije TV kanale preko mobilnih uredaja (smart telefon, tablet), desktop i laptop racunara (PC, Mac) i smart televizora. Sadrzi: TV program TV 7 dana unazad Video klub: filmovi, serije, crtani filmovi Postavljanje kanala i emisija u omiljene Postavljanje podsjetnika Radio stanice Kako biste koristili EON, morate imati nalog kod jednog od operatera United Group-e. (HR) EON je aplikacija koja ti omogucuje gledanje najpopularnijih TV kanala preko mobilnih uredaja (smart telefon, tablet), stolnog racunala i laptopa (PC, Mac) i smart televizora. We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance and add new functionalities to help you fully enjoy EON experience. Banners sections and calendar widget redesign Bug fixes and stability improvements. Provided support for new generation of iPad devices Stability improvements. We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance and add new functionalities to help you fully enjoy EON experience. - Improved response time and fixed plenty of bugs in the player - Better connectivity and responsiveness of Cast services - Radio channels are now available for casting - Enhanced Picture-in-Picture service - Resolved various bugs. Hal ini diungkapkan langsung lewat akun Twitter resmi film Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Enggak hanya mengungkapkan bahwa sebuah cuplikan akan dirilis besok. Dalam acara tersebut, berbagai rumah produksi memamerkan cuplikan dari proyek film mereka yang akan datang. Diantaranya ada film Spider-Man: Far From Home, Men In Black: Internatinal, dan Godzilla: King of Monsters. Dok.

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“Teenage girls can save the world. And that idea continues to give me faith, ” said Perry. The dancer was catching some sun with pal Lindsay Arnold, of “So You Think You Can Dance, ” when she went to remove shorts and accidentally pulled off her entire bathing suit bottom. Arnold and Burgess detailed the mortifying moment, giggling throughout their recollection. Let’s just say Sharna’s face was sheer freakin’ panic. Burgess said her bikini bottom was off for “just a second” but she was “mortified. The “DWTS” competitor added, “If you’ re having a bad day, I hope this cheers you up. . Chinese restaurant blasted for offering discount based on bra size. Trendy Shrimp, located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, is being criticized for a recent promotion in which they offered female patrons a discount based on their bra sizes, reports the Qianjiang Evening Post. Specifically, a woman who wore an A cup bra was entitled to a five percent discount; a woman with a B was entitled to 15 percent; a C cup earned a 25 percent discount; and so on. The push-back has apparently worked, too, as the posters were removed “in order to reduce the impact on passersby, ” said Lan Shenggang, the restaurant’s general manager. What’s more, the Post writes that Shenggang discontinued the promotion sometime afterward, following a phone call from Trendy Shrimp’s head office.

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The Blumhouse production company has made a name for itself by making films with a dirt cheap budget and then making ten times that much during the opening weekend. Sometimes that works out for the better — like Get Out or the Paranormal Activity movies (which I’m working my way through for the very first time right now) — and sometimes you get Ouija or Incarnate. Or was I the only one who sat through that awful, awful film. It takes a step away from the horror genre, which Blumhouse typically finds comfort for in, which was a good move on their part. Turns out this company can also make a really good revenge flick. Not too far off, to the point where it becomes Star Trek or Wall-E. Rather, this world has more in common with something like Looper or Blade Runner 2049 — a place where the rich are the only ones who can afford self-driving cars and the poor are trying to pawn cheap, faulty implants. He’d much prefer to work with his hands, as he’s a mechanic who fixes old cars for wealthy people, rather than let a robot do his daily chores for him. While driving home one day, the Trace’s self-driving car takes an unexpected right turn and leads them out to the middle of nowhere. The Traces are dragged out of their car, Asha is shot in cold blood and Grey is left for dead. A rich billionaire named Eron (Harrison Gilbertson) gets ahold of him all Deadpool style and offers him a rare opportunity: he wants to place a computer chip inside Grey’s brain. STEM can take full control of Grey’s body when allowed and, even better, can actually talk to Grey (through inner sound waves, so no one else but Grey can hear it). After all, a computer that can control his body to move like a ninja is a pretty powerful asset to have.

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If you just inherited a cast as opposed to carefully auditioning, then God knows where you’d wind up. I always feel like trust comes along with really stringent hiring practices. But Claire Hummel, who’s our art director on In the Valley, I just cold-called her on the internet, because I liked her Hamilton fan art. It’s all going to make sense,” because it’s not like the story comes out whole. We started a game last summer, based on a cool mechanic idea. Within hours of having a prototype review, I went: “I think we should kill this. And what I heard back was, “Yeah, I was really concerned about the story and how that was going to work with this mechanic. But I just assumed you knew what you were doing. I was like, “What? . I probably would lean toward Edith Finch as my favorite. I like them both for completely different reasons, obviously. When I fired it up I thought, “OK, well I’m immediately charmed.

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Then I just sat and watched all the kids in the lake. I turned off my walkie, sat back and watched what was right in front of me. A lake full of happy kids without a care in the world. Being up here in this little secluded space allows us to breathe, to play, to not worry, to live in the moment, to let go, to be brave, to cope and to appreciate the simple things like jumping in a lake with a friend. For 7 weeks, there is no Breaking News Story that our children see on the news of some horrible shooting we try and shelter them from and have difficulties trying to explain why they happen in the first place. So I sat and watched your children play so fearlessly and full of life. It is a joy I cant quite explain and a privilege I treasure. The buses pull out of camp at 2am heading to JFK for a trip of a lifetime. We sat with the GC’s today going over the itinerary and all the amazing things they are going to experience for the next 11 days. My exact words to them were, “Enjoy every minute, treasure every experience, keep your eyes wide open and appreciate that you will never ever again travel with 50 of your friends the way you will for next 11 days. Every single camper in that meeting had a smile on their face and excitement in their eyes. They are a true camp family and they have grown closer and more inseparable over the years but this trip bonds them together forever in a away that no teen tour can ever do. It is they own teen tour as a group of 50 incredible positive, happy Chenny Kids.

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