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Therefore, this was not a snap decision made for Season 5: instead they had three years to devote time to thinking out how to adequately condense the two storylines together. As they explained, Sansa's storyline in the Vale from the novels removes her from interacting with the rest of the established cast (except Littlefinger) for an entire book. Additionally, the various subplots about Littlefinger consolidating his hold over Vale lords that have never appeared prominently before would have made it extremely difficult to introduce them all, and even then, Sansa's subplot in the Vale simply doesn't have that many chapters. If we were going to stay absolutely faithful to the book, it was going to be very hard to do that. In the books, Sansa has very few chapters in the Vale once she's up there. That was not going to be an option for one of our lead characters. Do you have one of your leading ladies — who is an incredibly talented actor who we've followed for five years and viewers love and adore — do it. When asked to discuss the accusations about too much violence against women in the TV series, particularly focusing on this change which wasn't in the novels, Podeswa repeatedly declined to comment, but pointed out that the decisions were all made by the scriptwriters, not himself, so there really wasn't much he could say about it, it wasn't his decision. He did confirm that he was instructed in the script for the camera to turn away from Ramsay forcing himself on Sansa, to instead play off of Theon's reaction (some critics disliked this, though other critics felt it was more tasteful). While they had some misgivings they stressed a nuanced approach to this condensation, pointing out that fundamentally, no one really knows what is going to happen to Sansa in the next novel. Indeed, there has been considerable speculation that Littlefinger himself might try to rape Sansa at some point (as in the TV show, he's kissing her on the mouth now and his stalker-crush with her may soon advance further). For that matter, her dashing new betrothed Harrold Hardyng might turn out to be very violent and domineering in private, and force himself on her. So Littlefinger doesn’t have the intelligence on him.

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CACI is a federal lawsuit brought by CCR in 2008 on behalf of Suhail Al Shimari, Asa’ad Zuba’e, and Salah Al-Ejaili against CACI for its role in torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib. The case is part of our effort to bring accountability for torture and other serious violations of international law arising out of the so-called “war on terror” and invasion of Iraq. US army soldier Frederick was one of several soldiers who took part in the torture of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib. All the more incredible was that they took thousands of images of their mistreatment, humiliation and torture of detainees with digital cameras and shared the photographs. Feathers printed with uvi inks and varnish, mounted on a wooden box and museum glass. 2018-2019. These series of works, that appeal to the Lacaninan conception of an “I”, present two confronted images in each piece. Today, a federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed by survivors of torture at the infamous “hard site” at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq against private military contractor CACI Premier Technology, Inc. over the for-profit company’s role in the torture. CACI provided interrogation services at the prison. Trial is scheduled to begin on April 23, 2019 in the federal courthouse in Alexandria Virginia. Here with Alfredo Bikondoa’s Tomorrowland and mine GuerraCONTINUA. Its part of my current exposition in Madrid, GuerraCONTINUA, Arco VIP 2019.


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Cersei seems to come to that realization, too, but her cooperation with the Tyrells is tinged with her gritty determination to get rid of Marge. When Tommen said to Cersei “You don’t like Margaery very much, do you? I had to laugh. Duh, kid. I loved that it happened within a minute of the start of the episode, just enough time to register that Jon planned to take a Spring Break to Florida and roam the roads. I was giddy watching him come to the realization that it was SANSA standing in the court yard, and giggled like a Grandma when they hugged. Saves typing. I couldn’t help but snarl at Yara’s treatment of Theon. GEEEZ, Yara, he didn’t effing BETRAY you, he was a pulverized soul, living in the damned dog pound. That should have spoken volumes about his mental condition, yet you expected him to jump right up at the sight of you. But the whole thing was well done, production-wise. Speaking of wayward Greyjoys, where has Euron been, after that brief intro on the bridge, where they didn’t even have Balon say his name. Even Dario bent his sexy knee, as she stood there like a boss.